Sunday, October 12, 2008

It just is

I received an e-mail from a friend who tells me she saw my art in Somerset Life magazine.

I run over and pick one up. Yippee, I'm creative living idea #46!

The Button Ribbon Spools are made with two large vintage buttons, a straw and some ribbon.

Now, because I am excited about being published as creative living idea #46, I show everyone who walks through my front door.

This is how the conversations go:

"Wow, that's great! What do you do with them?"

"Ahhh, display them?"

"Oh, how beautiful, where did you buy them?"

"Ummm, I made them."

"I'm so proud of you. Did you go out and buy these buttons then just wrap ribbon around them?"

"I had the buttons."

"Why did you have them?"

"I save stuff like this."


"So I can make things like this."

"Who wants things like this?"


"There doesn't seem to be much ribbon on here. What would you do with it?"

"Look at it."

"Did you make the ribbon?"


"Do you get paid to do this?"


"Then why do you do it?"

"Because I'm an artist."

"This is art? What kind of art is it?"




jenclair said...

I love my sister-in-law, but we no longer have these conversations. :p Our tastes are totally different - my tastes are eclectic, vibrant, fun, light-hearted, creative. Which, of course, is not what she thinks at all!

Love your Button Ribbon Spools!

3rdEyeMuse said...

CONGRATULATIONS on being Creative Living Idea #46! How thrilling is that?!? and such a pretty and clever idea, too ... art on sistah-goddess-girl!

3rdEyeMuse said...

ps - tag, you're it!

Anonymous said...

hey grrl, I have seen you all over, but found you through Funky art Queen. Congrats on the adorable spools.. I GET them.. and the conversation had me smile and nod...

Kai said...

Terisa, you just absolutely ROCK! I LOVE your Button Ribbon Spools, I congratulate your inventive, artistic spirit & your recognition in PRINT, and I admire & genuinely like YOU! (And you KNOW I'm going to try & make some of those adorable spools! LOL!)

Hey It's Di said...

You are awesome to be included in the magazine! They don't have to be functional because they are beautiful art. And I love that you just think of these things:)

Fete et Fleur said...

Congratulations! I love these spools there is something very addictive about them.


Unknown said...

Yay!!! This was my first post that I read of yours and I thought the idea was brilliant. I am so glad that your idea was published. You make everything looks so gorgeous. Karen

HopHopJingleBoo said...

oh! these are delightful will have to do a couple for myself..thank you for sharing!! and Congrats on the publication in such a lovely magazine!! Debra

e.beck.artist said...

i wouldn't come over and see you and ask HARD questions ....
i would come over and see you and OOOOOh and aaaaH ... and completely understand button hoarding ... i mean .... completely understand groovy arsty button joy ..... i think those are tres cool ....

muralimanohar said... it!! :p

And congratulations! :D

Anonymous said...


And your post was too funny...

Jo James said...

hehee! I've SO had this conversation. Many many times :)

Congrats for your magazine fame!

Veleta (Sammy) said...

Teresa, these are so awesome! Makes them so brright and cheerful... what a great idea to share some fun! lYou always have the best!
BTW, the Really nice Russian fabric store has stayed open and in the same place! "Elana's: so glad this is is happening... Congrats on beng published! More to come, I know!

Marilyn said...

LOL! Some just don't GET it! Your button ribbon spools are beautiful and are a perfect creative living idea!!! Congratulations and big hugs...Marilyn:)

Debbie Doughty said...

I think it's obvious, your darling button spoolies are just for cute! Isn't that enough?

Anonymous said...

how awesome is this!

i of course love the button spools to look are so creative!


vivian said...

congrats! and these are soooooo darn cute! I have to make some!

Journal Swag said...

Well, I love your spools! They are beautiful, and CONGRATULATIONS on being in THE magazine! Can't wait to go buy it!! keep up with your beautiful art! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!


Karen 's World said...

Funny story! I know just what you mean. Love the spools and what a great idea. I have lots of buttons and ribbon and may just have to give this a try.

Crafts a la Mode said...

This is too funny. It sounds like my mother, "but what are you going to DO with it?" I say, "I don't know, I just like it."
I love your stuff, by the way.

Kalina said...

Все гениальное -просто) Спасибо!!!

Helmi said...

Love them! Thanks for sharing.