Monday, December 20, 2010

DIY: Blossom and Bumblebee pin cushion

Here's what you'll need.
cotton fabric
hand full of stuffing
buttonhole thread
silk flower
green raffia or tissue
shot glass
yellow pipe cleaner
black permanent marker
corsage pin
stiff clear plastic

Begin cutting a 6" circle out of 100% cotton.

Using a heavy buttonhole thread, sew a running stitch 1/4" in around the circumference of the circle.
Pull the thread to begin gathering the circle.
Slowly add poly-fill stuffing. Fill it very tightly.

Pull up your gathering thread and tie off.
Do not cut.
Leave the needle and thread attached.
Take apart a few old silk flowers.

Two large petals for the base.

Small petals for the top.

Bring the needle up through the center of the ball.
Attach the small flowers and a decorative button.
Bring the needle back down and pull very tight.
This is why you must use strong thread.
Knot and cut your thread off.
Hot glue the flower top onto the large petals.

Flower is done.

Hot glue 3 large leaves onto the base.

This is a shot glass.
I purchased a set of 6 at the dollar store.

Add green raffia or tissue into the shot glass and hot glue the top edge.

Immediately place the glued glass top onto the flower leaf base.

OK...It's bumblebee time!

Here are your tools.
A black permanent marker will color the pipe cleaner and the head of the corsage pin.

With needle nose pliers, grasp the end of the pipe cleaner.

Wrap the pipe cleaner up four times.
Cut off and tuck end into the large base.
Cut off a 1" piece of your black and bend in half.
Tuck the black into the large open end of the yellow.

Place the corsage pin into the head end of the bee.

Add a drop of hot glue and push into the bee.

Now for the wings.
You're going to cut a shape that looks like a stubby valentine.

I used a plastic that was ready for the trash.
Cut out and use a fine point permanent pen to draw on the veining.

Just a drop of hot glue will attach the wings right at the base where the black meets the yellow.

Bend the pin slightly.

Place him into the flower top so that he can hoover above it.

I did this project with a kids sewing class and they all turned out great.

If you make one let me know.
I'll start a flickr group to showcase our floral bouquet.


Atelier de Charo said...

What a beautiful and original project, you are so talent!!!

Denise pandey said...

I just love your adorable creation T! Very cute!!!!

Denise pandey said...

absolutely adorable. Love this! :)

Kai said...

What a GREAT tutorial! Thank you!!!! This is a darling (and not toooo hard) pin cushion that MAYBE even I can pull off. I think. I hope. Okay - I'm gonna TRY! Even if I can't, YOURS is wonderful!

Lisa said...

This is adorable! What a cute idea! The little fuzzy bee is adorable!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Oh my stars this is so cute! I am going to have to make the bee at the very least!

Marilyn said...

Oh how CUTE is this!!! Love it! I must try one...yep, MUST try one! Thanks so much;) xo

Allie said...

I absolutely love this pincushion - and I'd like to ask your permission to use your picture of it, so I can link on my blog to you. I'm doing a Christmas gift club and giving folks links to tutorials, and would love to feature you!

Anonymous said...

It is fantastic!Beautiful!

Country Girl in the City said...

Oh my goodness, this is so cute! Love it!

GraDaireaux said...

Simplemente, genial !!!!! me enamoré de esa creación, la abeja divina, gracias por mostrarlo!!! said...

Wonderful tutorial.Really cute!