Monday, January 1, 2007

Late Spring Birthday

 April showers bring May flowers and that is just what can happen for a late spring birthday. 

 Build table centerpieces from giant yellow gerbera daisies. Use red and white striped popcorn containers to hold the flowers and add a pin wheel or two. By adding a rock at the bottom and oasis to suspend the flowers in, the weight of the water and rock will hold everything in place.

 Add 1" white stickers to red table clothes for a fun polka dot effect.

Wrap all gifts is bold, and bright colorful paper.

 Tether multiples of bold colored balloons to every chair.

 Dress in your bright blue dress, accent with those to die for shoes and slip on your alpaca sweater.

 Now rest assured your gift....the one with the Cuddle gram logo is going to be the perfect gift! 

 A snuggley, cuddley, hand knit alpaca throw, that will be a reminder of a big hug from you, 
and just think; a child in a barrio tonight is staying warm too.