Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crazy Quilting

Crazy Quilt art by Pat Winters

Pat Winters who does crazy great,
Crazy Quilt work
co ordinated a swap named

Crazy Quilt art by Pat Winters

Puzzle pieces by Terisa Brooks-Huddleston

The above puzzle pieces are the one's I sent.
Hum.. still need a few more lesson's from Pat I can see.

These are the great pieces I received.
I'm trying to come up with a great way to display them.
I'm up for any ideas.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This post is way overdue

It was a weekend of charming adventures.

I finally linked some of my gift and swap charms together.
When I found Amber Dawn's blog I was hooked.
The above photos are tiny art pieces from two swaps she organized,
Amber then organized International Charm Day and I did these and traded for these:
Lorraine Rigby Love of Collage
These traveled across the Atlantic to California.
Yes, her name is Rigby and she lives in Liverpool, but she says no connection to the Beatles. I think she should make up a really great story. I would.

I won these from Arlene Mobley at Altered By Me
These traveled across the US from Florida.
What a great way to take care of all those loose buttons.

And these came across the Pacific from Hawaii.
They were created by Connie Williams at Cetta Cheese Chatter.
Connie just embalmed a centipede for a jewelry piece...disturbing yet interesting. Check out her blog.
I have more charms to link up but now I have to go find more chain.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

To Stinkin' Cute

You know when you begin somewhere in computerland and with one "click" find yourself lost somewhere.
You have no idea how you got their but really glad you did? That's what just happened to me.
How stinkin' cute is this fiber art?

They are by an artist named Neta Amir She has a great blog and an etsy store too!

Another Artist that I LOVE,
who has a similar style is
Karna Erickson at Eanie Meany

Twice a year I write to her and tell her she should have a blog.

And twice a year she writes back and says,


You can visit and write to her too here and here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Revamp It challange

Oh this is going to be fun.

Take a piece of clothing and REVAMP IT!
If clothing is not your thing - you could revamp a hat, purse, handbag, shoes, doll's clothes....
To join in the fun you'll need to do the following:
Make sure you take BEFORE PHOTOS
and of course, AFTER PHOTOS
Go sign up at Natasha Burns blog.

While you're there take a look around.
Natasha is an amazing artist "down under".
Pics and tips to be displayed August 14th.

Friday, July 17, 2009

It ain't over til the fat lady sings

It's Friday
she's a singin'!

A bag of Starbursts

two bored children

Carpet Art

I have just been informed that I did not give proper credit to the above artists.

Photography by: Material Girl

Artwork By: Material Girl's, M.I.U. (Man In Uniform)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Love does not envy...

That sucks because I am quite envious of hubbies ability to draw like this!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a week!

What would be like "Fashion Camp" with teens?

Herding "wild" cats!

Flickr photo: Mr Flibble
And what is it like when all those little paws start playing with fabric and thread and pins and needles and sewing machines and running with scissors?

Flickr Photo by: Susanrudat

They begin unleashing their inner creativity.

We created inspiration boards and designer labels.

Made headbands, wrist cuffs, necklaces,

purses, flowers, aprons

and "snuggle puss" dolls.

They revamped tee's, shorts, tie dyed shirts and
costumed 6 year old "Rock Stars".

Don't let these smiling faces fool you...
They're "Wild" Animals!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

My hat is off to all teachers.

I have not an ounce of energy left.
It was all sucked out of me this week.

Why you ask?

I taught at "FASHION CAMP".

Ten, 10 to 15 year old girls.

Camp "ROCK", as in Rock n Roll was going on simultaneously.


When I recover, which may take a few days, I'll post project pictures.

Right now all I can say is WOW!

I put this hat together for a friend this week in the evenings, after my naps!

How do teacher do it?

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Disclaimer: I'm an artist!

Oh that is just great.

I have lost my blog G rating because
I wrote "breast" 4 times, as in
Breast Cancer Awareness.
"murder" 2 times, as in
the murders of the women in Juarez, Mexico.

Now in writing this, that makes it 6 and 4 respectively.

I may have an R rating by the time I finish this post!

Friday, July 3, 2009

aDressing the Situation

How do you begin aDRESSing the situation about the murders in Juarez, Mexico?


I sent out an e-mail to family and friends informing them about the situation and requested dresses from each one of them.

The goal 400

Each one representing the life of a murdered women of Juarez, Mexico that has been found.

Just like our lives, the dresses are stitched together, touching and overlapping one another.

All 400 dresses are entombed into a female form that bursts from all the lives wrongly swiped away.


My mom, Glam-Ma brought me a dress for the project. It seemed to stand alone. Like many of the women of Juarez, Mexico I sew for a living. In spite of the fact it can feel like a sweatshop at times, there is no point of comparison. Wedding dresses is what I seem to be working on the most lately. It struck me that many of these young women were not yet married. So I placed the dress amongst scrapes from altered wedding dresses.


This one came in from a friend, Julie Polson. It too was a stand alone, so I'm mailing it on it's own. She told me she had used stamps from the collection given to her from her Grandmother. They are all women. Take note of the one used for the head. The inscription says," She gave her life".
How perfectly, perfect is that?

Monica, thank you for creating such a buzz about this very important cause.

You can see more art aDRESSing the situation here.