Sunday, March 29, 2009

Haute Handbags

It's official.
I am a cover girl!
Yep, that's me!
Do you know how excited I am?
Everyday I've been running to the mailbox to see if the magazine had arrived.
The postman was thinking I was really interested in him!
When it finally arrived, Janet my encourager was over so I had someone to share my excitement with.
I'm not sure she totally understood my need for deep breathing though.
Here are a few others.
I stole a pair of Material Girl's jeans that were hanging in her closet.
The ones on the floor she keeps inventory of. When they're hanging in the closet she has no idea she even owns them!
Hubbie tattooed this pair up and I stitched them together.
The waistband for the strap I had to steal out of my own closet. That way it can be worn around the waist or pivot and be worn over the shoulder.
If the waist had been cut from Material Girl's pants,
it would have only fit as a wristband!

Thank you, Amanda Belle Nolan, Jenny Doh and Somerset Studio!
I am one happy Cover Girl!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ein Blumchen Fest

Now that spring has sprung are you ready to tip toe through the tulips?

Are you itchin to pick bouquets of wild flowers wherever you go?

Do you get the urge to sing out in German?

maybe not the last one,
but you have to admit this is pretty darn cute!

This is another Life Through Art Workshop we are doing at the
Ferrini Gallery in Napa, CA.

And Ferrini Gal is who created this sweet vignette.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bummer Day

I am pouting today.
I successfully broke my sewing machine.

Flickr Photo by: horsman
Not just any machine. The machine I paid way too much money for in a very weak moment, thinking how cool the embroidery attachment was.
Have I EVER used it?

Flickr photo by: Philnik
I can fix most machines, most of the time.
This time, I think I really did something good or not so good to it.

Flickr photo by: boomerATV's
No more sewing like this.

Flickr photo by: elsita
Actually, this isn't mine it's Elsa Mora's
beautiful work.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pretty in Pink

I've told you before about my friend Marie.
Marie owns a gallery and her name comes up on my cell as Ferrini Gal which I think is cute therefore, all blog reference to Marie will be Ferrini Gal.
Well, Ferrini Gal is one of the most talented people I know. Everything she creates is stunning.
Here is her before and after sweater for the
How cute is this?
Pretty in Pink

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's all about the sweater

I'm still preparing for the Recycle, Revamp, Reuse workshop this coming Sunday, March 22 in Napa, CA.
I've been experimenting around with different applications and ideas to offer at the class.
Here is the before sweater from the Thrift Shop.
I figured we might end up with some over sized pullovers so I wanted to come up with practical solutions for that style.
This is a box sweater my friend Janet sent over for me to work with.
She sent a few but I liked this one out of wool. It has interesting color and texture. I began working on it right away and forgot to take before photos!
Janet has become my encourager and marketing ambassador.
Everyone should have there very own "Janet".
Everything is just cut, surged or top stitched.
I figure if I can teach sewing to 6 year old children this will definitely work with adults!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Project Blogway

Flickr photo: foot lake

One mans trash is another mans

Flickr photo: robaidur

It's that time again for


The new couture line for this spring season is going "green". Not like St Patricks day green. More like recycled materials green!
My co-host, the most Whimsical Bohemian I know Lisa, and I are once again hosting this fun event.
This year we have a set up blog site just for the runway show.

Flickr photo: akosikenet

Put your thinking caps on, start digging through the trash, and be ready to unleash your creativity for the May 1st fashion extravaganza.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Breathe slowly...

OK, when I first saw this on the last Postscript newsletter I squealed and told hubbie,"Go wake the kids! I'm on the cover!" Then I thought, maybe I better wait to really make sure. Maybe this is just a prototype. You know, like which cover do you like best? But now this is in the second newsletter and on the web site and I'm STILL on the cover!
This time I'm waking the kids!
(Mine is the purse with the fashion sketch)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Barbie turns 50 today!

Flickr photo: earnestopadrocampos

Wow, seems like yesterday when when I'd pull her out and begin creating the her house with the many carpet samples I had just convinced my father I needed to return home with from my grandfathers furniture store.

(She had a 25 room mansion or at least as much room as I had cleaned up on my bedroom floor)

She was cool!

Flickr photo: Vermont Ferret

Ken, well he was HOT!

Flickr photo: Disco*dollies

OK, I was 6, but at least I had enough sense to know that Skipper's boyfriend Scott was a dork!

Flickr photo: Fabiopoptrash

Through the years with her ability to age well,

Flickr photo: Fabiopoptrash

she eventually made her way into high fashion where she became

Bob Mackie's muse!

Flickr photo: Mikeskadoll

But it wasn't just Barbie who has improved through the years......

Flickr photo: Fabiopoptrash

Flickr photo: Fabiopoptrash

Flickr photo: Fabiopoptrash


If you haven't seen "Cougar Barbie" yet this cracked me up.
Until I realized I too turn 50 this year!

Now it's not so funny!