Saturday, November 29, 2008

fun stuff

It's been a long weekend but "fun stuff" has been going on.

Thanksgiving with family and friends. Everyone brought food, so I didn't have to cook!

December 1 is not only Material Girls birthday, but the launch of a new venture....

Life Through Art Workshops.

Artisans in the Napa Valley offering workshops for kids and adults. Burbank Baby came home and is organizing all of them! Check out the website and if you live close by sign up and take a class. It's a great way to de-stress and get some gift creating done!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The RED Party

The RED Party has changed the date to January 31, 2009.

Mark your calendars.

Guess who's going to be honored at the party this year for living her Life Through Art?

This is very exciting news!

Click HERE to find out.

The RED Art Project 2009 art pieces have arrive.

Take a look HERE to see some photos.

Life Through Art Foundation...Live life, Dream always.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008


You may remember my friend who flew through the air a few months back with the "Greatest of Easy"....(well almost).

She took another great leap today.

Flickr photo by kintired
Yep, it was a wedding!

Princess Leia and Santa were united today,

in the beautiful Napa Valley.

We worked last night from 10pm til 1:30 am

decorating the club into a Harvest themed event.

I was blessed to be able to work with her on her attire:

Lace for wedding jacket: $82.37

Silk for wedding cumberbun and bustle: 67.57

Hours spent with bride looking at herself in wedding dress:


Congratulations to my two bestest buddies.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Needles in waiting

I have this Mary Engelbreit teapot pincushion sitting on my sewing table. I'm always changing up needles for different fabrics. (Not nearly as often as I should but I've broken way too many 11's on jeans!)
So I FINALLY devised an easy way to keep my needles in waiting.
See the red Sharpie numbers at the top?
I wrote in 9,11,14,16,18, Leather and Stretch around the upper edge. When not in use I stick the sewing machine needle into it's appropriate position. The basic rule of thumb is newer needles on top, used needles below.
Works great!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Am I blessed?

This is where I live, Napa Valley, California.

The heart of the Wine Country.

This is why I live here.
Today was 80 degrees and no humidity.
Harvest is over and all the vines are changing in to their fall colors.
Because it looks like this all around the valley, my hubbie is inspired to paint pictures like these.

I don't even have to drive for views like this. I just take the dogs for a walk.

Am I blessed?

You betcha!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The seventh axiom

Who would have ever thought that after finding Huzita's six axioms Hatori could have found a seventh!

This must be why I took geometry in school. I knew someday it would come in handy!



Origami just ain't what it used to be now that MIT is involved.

See this work of Robert Lang.

Through my search for more info I also came across Brian Chan.
Brian has been creating his own folds as well as folding for Robert Lang.

What does an MIT student do with a dead insect you ask?
Why, recreate it out of one sheet of paper of course!

Brian gives a great description on how to create this mask here. Just one sheet of paper and he says 15 minutes of your time. It took me 2o minutes. I forgot Hatori had found the seventh axiom. :(
Some of these photos I took at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Folk Art. The show The Shape of Things: Paper Traditions and Transformations
is going on now until February 15, 2009


Scrappy Jessie went off to have fun and left the rest of us to just wish we too were at Silver Belle. So to try to offer support to us she is having a blog giveaway.
(You can go leave a comment before Sunday. In case your wondering why this is so small, I'm trying to limit my competition)
Yes Lola...l..o..l...a..loh luh, has reached grand milestone of blogland. It is only out of selfishness that I am posting this. You will have to go find out for yourself the rest of the details, or not, and that will give me a better chance! OK, go ahead and go, I'm trying to kick the competitive habit!
(closing date November 17 written in tiny tiny letters so you can't read it)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


"the one thing that struck me as odd was this tiny cylindrical-shaped thing sticking up out of the ground"...most curious!

Another odd thing were these hanging balls in our home. They are the beginnings of kits for a workshop.

I spent an hour brainstorming names with Hubbie and Burbank Baby (by the way, she's back)
We came up with...
Ornamental Orb's,
Crafty Globes,
Spheres of Inspiration,
Bits of Junk

....but the the ones I'm leaning towards...

Artist Retirement Plan
What I Did With My College Degree
What a $50,000 College Tuition Can Buy

While were on the subject of odd balls, in case your looking for that special gift here's one.

You are looking at 3,575 black diamonds, 117 certified 1 carat round diamonds and 34 rubies!
It's a bra from Victoria Secret's gift collection.

Yep you read it right, just 5 MILLION! And to think it's even designed for "Maximum Cleavage"! Are they kidding?

For 5 mil the boobs should come with it!

Now I wonder how many odd balls will buy one?

These only cost $1.99 for 20 and you can adjust the size!