Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long, long ago......

Once upon a time, long, long ago, before I chose motherhood, I created clothes.
I considered myself a special occasion and evening wear designer.
My label was carried in small boutiques as well as a shop inside the Nordstrom mall called,
I loved designing, enjoyed creating the first outfit and especially loved seeing the great photos that
Robert Buhl Photography did for me!
I pulled these out the other day and frightened myself when I realized the clothes I had designed
are now considered "RETRO" !

They actually they look like they could now come back into style!

Heels clicking together of my red ruby slippers......"I'm not that old, I'm not that old, I'm not that old......"

But I did live happily ever after!

Photography: Robert Buhl Photography Model: Sami Fashion: Terisa Brooks

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Once upon a time......


Don't tell Michelle yet.

(and Michelle if this is you don't peek until you get your box!)

It's time for a party and with the help of Artsymama it has become much easier to plan for.

Kari organized a Vintage party themed swap.

My partner was Michelle at Life On this good day.

I was just so excited about sharing all the fun stuff I just sent off, I had to show it to you.

I found this adorable story,

Molly & Mimi the mouse twins

By Anne-Marie Dalmais, Illustrated by Annie Bonhomm.

I had never seen it before but it is now one of my favorites.

I used it as my theme for her Springtime/ Fairytale party.

Everything came together so perfectly.

A set of 8 peach colored carnival glass goblets, an ecru apron with a rose , a lace tablecloth, spring colored garlands, millinery flowers, ribbons and bows.

I pulled it out and shared my findings to all my friends and family who all graciously appeased me with smiles as I showed them.

My friend Josie even showed up with cookies she made and decorated to match the theme!

I made for her what every respectable hostess at a fairytale party needs ...............

A Crown !

So Michelle I hope you have a fun party!

I would have also sent you the fairy godmother to help you clean up your party..............

but she's going to be busy cleaning up mine!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Garage Cleaning Day

It's sunny and warm in California and the day has finally arrived....

It's time to clean the garage!

Sterilite and Rubbermaid are two of my favorite words!

These clear empty containers hold so much promise.
Since I'm a visual person they work great because I can see everything.

Brown cardboard boxes don't work because, "Out of site, out of mind"!

So hubbie and I head out to the garage and begin to "organize". He on one side and I on the other.

My goal is like items together...his is anything and everything in a box.

Together we begin plucking our way through with the goal of eliminating.

Now for the most part, you would think if its been sitting out here for this long and not been used or found....then we probably should let it move on to another home.

So, this is how the conversation goes......

Hubbie, "You you want this wooden barrel plug?"

Me, "Of course I have a box for those."

Hubbie, "How about this 6" piece of chain."

Me, "Yep, save it."

Hubbie, " What would you like me to do with these broken shells?"

Me, "Pass them over here, I have a bin for those."

And so it goes.

Everything placed into a keeper bin and nothing goes into the large plastic bin that goes to the curb the next morning! What most families in their right mind toss and pass on, we save.

Every little bit of anything gets put into it's proper bin.

Why you may ask? Because everything can become something!

See all the cool and colorful junk!

In a normal household this great stuff might have been tossed!

Now you know why I CAN'T throw it away!

The sad plight of a household with two crafters and artists.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh where did my little girl go?

Oh, how time flies.......

One minute your taking pictures of them
in a beautiful field full of mustard.
The next, they're taking pictures of themselves
amongst the piles of bedroom clothing.

How does this happen?
Oh where, oh where, did my little girl go?
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Friday, April 4, 2008

Mary, Mary

OK, just in case you were asking,
"Hummm.......I wonder who the most fortunate girl on the planet is?"
It's ME!

Today, I received my Mother Goose swap gift that
was hosted by Popsicles and Lollipops.

My gift was from Christine!

First, I have to tell you Christine's blog name

I poked a Badger With a Spoon

is the cutest name I've ever heard.

Look at this art piece. It is beautiful!

Sweet little Mary is watering her silver belles and cockle shells. What you can't see in this photo is a very transparent layer, cascading from her watering bucket onto the flowers.

Smiling little faces are suspended in the centers of all the brightly colored flowers growing up out of the mossy floor.
And if that were not enough.........

I received all this also!

So now you know why I am the most fortunate girl on the planet!

Thank you Christine.....I love it!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Love Squared"

"Her name is "Love Squared."
She wears 180 two inch art squares.
She is just under 40" tall
and weighs 6 pounds and 2 ounces.
She smiles because already she knows love
and is able to give love unconditionally.
To many, she is a symbol of hope.
She stands for COURAGE and was built
by a community of givers."

This is the beautiful 'Pink Artist Doll' project for charity.

Artists from all over the blogland community sent in 2"x 2" decorated squares.

Do you realize how small a 2" square is?

Her skirt is covered with them.

Here you can see my yellow rose dedicated to Susie, my BFF that is now receiving art lessons from the "Ultimate Creator".

And here you can see Dave, my hubbies duck "Gilbert".

(Dave names everything)

Each of these squares, are squares of hope, love and courage.

I could not have been more honored than to participate in a project like this.

Her dignity is evident...she is elegant...and she is a woman!

Thank you Monica for coordinating this amazing project and allowing us to be part of it!

Now everyone else, tell your friends

and check out all the photos on Girl Gone Thread Wild.

"Love Squared" is going to be available for auction and proceeds are to benefit the Susan G Komen foundation for breast cancer awareness.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stuff from Sammy!

My hubbie returned home from Oregon where he went to paint on walls, silly creatures, for my silly sis-in-law.
In his arms, he carried in this cute basket.

This is what was inside!
Can you believe it!
I was fortunate enough to stop by Sammystuff during One World On Heart.
I drooled over her dolls!
She has been on my blogroll ever since.
When I saw a 'pay it forward' invite guess who didn't miss a keystroke beat!

A candle, hot chocolate and Tuesday soap
(Note to self do not use it on Wednesdays)
were included with all this AMAZING art!
Look at the work on this doll! I love it.
She's colorful, animated and has a way cool hairdo.

This felt pin cushion is what I showed the girls at Fashion Camp for inspiration. You can see the cool projects they came up with here.

And this little bird is going to live over my Blinged Birdhouse.

Now march right over to Sammy's place and tell her Terisa says,

"Thank you"!

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