Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Hands For Hope, LLC.

 It's official.
We've launched.

One year ago I was in the barrios of Peru and here we are today
launching the opening of our on-line store.
We are facilitating economic opportunities to better the lives of the women in other cultures, beginning with the barrios of Peru.

 We are working with women artisans living in the barrios to create luxurious hand knits out of alpaca and Peruvian pima cotton. 
Please go check out the store but come back and tell me what you think.

These photos were done by two great friends and photographers. 

Client: Our Hands For Hope –
Lead Photographer and Creative Director – Sarah Lane (Sarah Lane Studios & Studio Twelve)  -
Details Photographer – Damion Hamilton -
Makeup Arists – Keli Campbell & Kim Alexandra
Hair Stylists – Margaret LaPorte & Brandyn Connor

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hip Hero's

 Hubbie and I were "Cool" least in my mind we were.

That was until we had kids reminding us everyday we seemed to lack in the "Hip" department 
(my word not theirs). 

I think theirs might be "Rad" or "Phatt". 

Since I am at an age where weight and awareness go hand in hand,
being called "Phatt" is not my idea of "Cool".

Officially this week, I believe I am an "empty nester". 
Not too sure since I still can not see the floor in her room. 

 So with an empty house, we now can get back to the foundation of who we really are. 
It seemed appropriate to recreate our true identities....

We decided to paint life size figures first.

As our "Phattness" might get in the way of our "Hipness" inside spandex, at this time.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Artist: Stefania Morgante

 I am totally in love with the art of  Stefania Morgante.

 I first became aware of her when she donated an amazing piece of jewelry (actually art) for the 
RED Party a few years back. 

Soon thereafter became aware of her aiblity to capture pure character humor in her sketch work.
She seems to be able to interject a liveliness into her figures in a way that you don't see often.

 Her latest venture is about to launch and you can get a sneak peek if you go here.
Add your name and you will receive a free download of the cutest paper doll and accessories. 

 I framed mine!