Monday, August 30, 2010

The Birds and the Bees


I went looking for bird nests and low and behold on an Alpaca site I found this picture! Not only does Alpaca Farm Girl have a great natural nest photo but a great site about the cutiest animal on earth.

Nova clutch had this wonderful nest made by a "city bird". This photography is to die for.


National geographic featured this article about a rare bee that makes flower cocoons.

Yvonne Stefani at wool & water on flickr creates all kinds of amazing fiber art.

And this art shawl was found on flickr by ArcEnCielcreations


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Free Form Fiber Art

A few pictures of some of my Flickr favorites. I actually LOVE looking at my file. If you like whimsical color, dramatic patterns and animated sculptural art take a look.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have officially moved to a new house.
A big box here, a big box there.
All I seem to do is shift "stuff" from one room to another.
I wish my stuff was all like little charms that you could wear around your wrist.

Always with you and all the attached emotional memories condensed into a tiny little unit.
No more boxes, bins or storage.

But since my life is NOT condensed into any assemblance and I can not find any room to attempt to be creative,
I have dedicated this post to other creative people since I've got nothin' to show!

This is the charm bracelet that Amber Dawn put together from her Storybook charm swap for the RED party.

It took place months ago but the cute charms are ageless!

Amber is also hosting a "one word challenge" right now.
Its all charm related.

My one word right now that would hold significance for me would be,
no unboxed,
no rested,
no hopeful....