Saturday, April 30, 2011

"The Dinner Party" sets the stage for Go Girl Gallery

I am honored, to be honored by this cute little Fancy Nancy
at the Blue Oak School's,
Go Girl Gallery, a celebration of women through art.

Art instructor Leslie Gevurtz has developed a
"women's study through art" curriculum.
Having been influenced by Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party", an art instillation brought to life by hundreds of volunteers creating china plates and textile runners paying tribute to women in history; 
Leslie brought the idea back to her students. 

 Anika, a very talented young woman who is pursuing her interests
in art and fashion created a table setting honoring me.
Everything was perfect down to the last detail: buttons, pins, thread and needle.

A perfect setting and a true honor.
Thank You, Anike!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fabric Flower Bridal Bouquet

 The Brides bouquet is finished!

 Every petal cut, burned and stitched together. 
The centers are a combination of brooches and buttons.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Royal Wedding and Peru

Wedding, Peru, wedding, Peru, wedding, Peru this what consumes my days now, planning a wedding and preparing to go on-line with the Peruvian hand knits for Our Hands For Hope, LLC.
So, I've found a great way a to "marry" the to speak.

With wedding plans in action for my daughter and the overwhelming publicity for the 
William and Kate Royal wedding,
I was struck by the two smartly costumed William and Kate Peruvian cuy's.

Photo: Sky News

 The Cuy, which is an important animal to the Peruvian culture is highly honored at a festival in Huacho, Peru.

These cute little guinea pigs are costumed and paraded
to compete for best dressed.

 Awards are given for Best Dressed, Couture, and

Best Dressed, Epicurean!
They say they taste like chicken. Yum.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fabric Flower Bridal Bouquet

 Today was the beginning of the brides bouquet.
I sent over all my scrap fabrics to Action Hero's (aka the Bride's) house.

Running with scissors just like I taught her,

she cut them up into circles.

 Then carefully burnt around all the edges.

Flickr photo: Venvierra

 She was a very good girl and didn't do this!

Flickr photo: Firefighter Spot

Today my bag of petals arrived.

 I started stacking and stitching.

 And stitching and stacking more.

  I'm not going to worry about the messy stitching on the back
I'll figure out how to cover it all up when I add the stems.

Tomorrow I will be auditioning Mom...I need the brooches and buttons now.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding Decor: Tissue flowers

 Wedding decorations have begun.

 Some basic tools, the Dollar store and a bit of inspiration from Martha.

 Accordion pleat 8 sheets of tissue paper, wrapping  the center with a thin wire. 
Carefully pull the layers apart. Do not do this after having just finishing your morning coffee. 
Slowly and carefully pull are the key words here.  This will make half a pom-pom. 
I wired two together to form spheres. 
They price out to $2.00 each.