Sunday, September 28, 2008

Junk "Wad"

About a month ago I received a manila envelope in the mail.
I just love the mail now that I blog. Junk mail and bills are now interspersed with gifts, swaps and cool is that!

I open it up to find a typed instruction sheet that was drawn upon, stamped on, machine stitched, and pinking sheer cut. Included was a hand full of Pink Artist squares.

I laid out the 2 x 2's that were so lovingly created by the artists, admiring each one. Also included was a "wad" of fabrics and beads. As I plucked through the fabric bits and pieces I found myself chuckling out loud. It suddenly occurred to me that I was softly touching each piece as if it were gold and I too have a "wad" of fabric on my studio floor that I have yet to sweep up and carry out to the trash!

Yep,it is true...
One persons junk "wad"
is another persons treasure "wad".

I have felt creatively starved over the last week so I began to lay out my 10 x 10 quilt square that will make it's way back to Monica, Girl Gone Thread Wild, created into a wall art quilt, sent into Quilt Art Studio a new magazine from Stampington & Companies and auctioned off for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Whew, I think that was a run on sentence. Sue, Dixie, my teacher friends, is it?

I've titled my piece, "Take Flight".

You'll see why when it's finished up. By the way it isn't even due until Dec.1! And yes, I have begun. Why? It's called creative avoidance because I have more yucky cushions to sew!

There are only 16 days left to place a donation for

"Love Squared" The Pink Artist Project.

See more pictures here and details on how to donate.

Remember Cancer has no boundaries.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Burbank Baby

My daughter moves to girl in a BIG city.
Kind of like Beverly Hillbilly's, only I'll call her "Burbank Baby".

Burbank Baby moves in with my brother, Mr. Hollywood. Well, kind of moves in, actually she is the office mascot until she has enough money to move out.

She is now employed, kind of, as an assistant/secretary/office guru/organizer/sponsor/geek squad/girl Friday in an office on the 20th floor.

She informs me she has never been in an elevator over three stories and has vertigo for 10 minutes after she arrives on her floor each morning. None of the office doors are marked but lucky for her she was a great art history student and remembers that her office sits next to the Degas painting.

So here we go....
One Ringy Dingy,

Two Ringy Dingy,

What my Dingy said to my Ringy today!

"I had a hard day at work, so I took my book, ipod and pillow to the back and fell asleep. I just woke up and I'm locked out of the office on the back patio, three floors up!"

The staff when leaving the office locked up and didn't think that Burbank Baby might be asleep out back. Who would?

Now here's the one is answering their phones and Mr. Hollywood is teaching an "ACTING" class until 10!
So she calls home. We're 400 miles away!

We go to Money Bags (rich daughter) who has the iphone with text messaging abilities. She texts Mr. Hollywood in class.

Mr. Hollywood sends one of his "ACTING" students over to save the day!

All's well and Burbank Baby is once again safe! Yes, this is the daughter that locked her keys in the car on the way down to LA two weeks ago.


Editorial note, all photos were done by Money Bags (rich daughter).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Second half

I am finally getting around to posting the second half of my fun and frivolous day with Sue. After the trip to "Tinsel and Treasures" Sue says, " Oh, I want to show you a shop I used to have some of my art in". So we headed downtown and ended up at "The Gardenseed".

OK, first, you must be sitting down.

Second, you need to know the name of the store has nothing to do with garden supplies even though Robyn, the owner, had flowers in the back seat of her car when I took this photo!

Third, try to remember to breath throughout the next few minutes and if your anything like me you will have a craft addicts adrenaline rush so you will need time in your studio immediately following to decompress.

Are you ready for some EYE CANDY?

You walk into a pink palace with STUFF EVERYWHERE.

It's hanging from the ceilings,

collected on the walls

and displayed on the floor.

Glitter, glitz,

everything colorful

and beautiful is twinkling all around you.

You feel like your walking inside a kaleidoscope.

It's hard to decide where to allow your eye to land in fear of missing something.

Hours and hours could be spent in this store.

Robyn, the owner and Ann, the manager said on

September 25th from 3-8 The Gardenseed in Danville, CA will be having a trunk show featuring some of the artists whose work they show.

The invitation says fun, food and libations. I'm not too sure what a "libation" is but I do know that if it's happening at THIS store it is well worth the visit!


and now run to your studio!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Project Blogway

The hour has arrived.

Whether you're finished or not,

"The Show Must Go On!"

The models have been prepped back stage. Stylists, photographers, press and designers have primped, pressed, ripped and torn for days now....

Although you could have caught me running with scissors the last two hours just to be on time. Notice the blog post hour below, but I "made it work".

Grab a seat and enjoy the show.

Remember the challenge was to create out of PAPER!

Designer names and their locations are listed below.

Those that are missing, drop Lisa or I a line and we will get you into the show.
Carry On...........

Calamity Kim

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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Do you know how good this is? This is a white chocolate, macadamia nut, cheese cake with caramel topping. It falls into a category of, "one of the best things in life". Yummy!

Do you know what this is?

It falls into a category of, "one of the most fun days in my life".
Tinsell and Whimsy Sue and I planned for six weeks to attend this show. Actually, I don't know too much about it. I am just looking forward to hanging out with a really creative friend for a day.

Driving over, Sue's asking me names. Names of artists. Well, here's the scoop. Sue's new to blogging. She knows names, I only know alias'. You know, how you all introduce yourself in blogland.
So ....the names go to these alias' who are amazing artists, who's work I've now admired for this past year. There they stand in person!
Yep, this day was second best to meeting Bob Mackie!

Here's some yummies from the show.

Hanging bat necklaces by, Ulla Milbrath aka Ullabenulla

Beetle baby necklaces by, Ulla Milbrath aka Ullabenulla


Yep, in person and talking to me! Yep, the one and only. The Ulla who EVERY SINGLE BLOG LINKS ! Talking to me, uh huh, that's right.

Hallows Eve shadow box featured in Somerset by, Iva Wilcox aka Iva's Creations

Sculpture art by, Iva Wilcox aka Iva's Creations

OH my Gosh...Lisa! aka A Whimsical Bohemian and founder of One World One Heart .

I had been looking forward to meeting her and she is just as COOL as I thought she might be.
She's posing with the effervescent, Donna O"Brian aka The Ribboned Crown.
Without every having met Donna before I can tell you I have a feeling she's quite mischievous.

Sylvia Anderson with my buddy Sue...see Ulla's necklace that she had just purchased and the bat circling her head ready to perch in her hair?

Seasonal ornaments by, Sylvia Anderson aka well OK, Sylvia Anderson

Dolls by, Colleen Moody aka Merry Wishes and Vintage Dreams

This paint pallet you may recognize from Somerset magazine. This was created by Connie Govea Stuart, a Director's Circle Artist. Connie isn't blogging yet, therefore has the time to create AMAZING artwork.

Paper art by, Connie Govea Stuart

Art work by, you guessed it, Donna O'Brien, aka The Ribboned Crown. We arrived early and she only had two crowns left!

Cute , colorful and whimsical art by Gina Gabriell aka Elevenmorning. Gina is soon to open a store in Dublin, California called, Tangerine. Just in time for your Christmas shopping.

And this was just the first half of the day. Wait til you see photos of the second half of the yummy day!