Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I just returned home from a great extended weekend, to race off and teach
"Summer Fashion Camp".Do you know what it's like to attempt to teach 22, 6 to 12 year old kids, how to sew for the first time on a hot 104 degree summer day?

Did I hear you say," No" ?

Well, how should I describe it...............hummm...........
Like herding cats!
Cats that can speak and say things like, "Terisa my machine broke. Terisa the thread came undone. There is a rats nest of thread in here. Terisa where's the safety pins? Why do the pins stick to this red thing? Terisa, why is this a tomato? Terisa the scissors won't cut this wire (don't ask). Look I stuck all these pins into the skin of my hand. Terisa, will you do mine next?"
Well, you get the picture.
Yesterday was dedicated to inspiration boards and label designs.
Today we attempted skirts and tote bags.
I haven't a clue what we'll be doing tomorrow!
And why are pin cushions made to look like a tomato with a strawberry hanging off of it?

Send answers quickly...class is over on Friday!


Melanie said...

I hope you have lots of "Extra Strength Excedrin" on hand! What-a Champ!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

What bravery! What a challenge! What fun! What were you thinking? Ha! Hugs***Renea

Funky Art Queen said...

You are a hero to even attempt that! OK everything is better with a strawberry on top. I don't know why on the tomato but maybe it is red so we can always find it in our mess of sewing.

Daisys Little Cottage said...

God Bless You for your courageous heart. Ill pray the your mind has the stamina to keep up with all those kids. Know how much it means to them not only now but as long as they have memory .

Vicki C said...

Ohh... sounds like fun!

Gavitee said...

If anyone can do this....you can........High Five..it's almost Friday! This is proof, as to why I have always admired your patience...........now to the questions.....tell them that part of the art of sewing is finding solutions for their questions, and that no matter what in sewing it's not about the end results......it's the journey to get there...........I am sure kids of this age are very philosophical! Oh, and as to the strawberry tomato question tell them it's a hybrid.........they'll get that.

Anonymous said...

I would have run screaming! You are one very brave girl!~~~So why is it a tomato? ;)
XXOO, Beth

Hey It's Di said...

I wow! The only thing that has worked in my experience of teaching youth to sew is LOTS of Diet Coke & Ibuprofen.

I thought it would be easy because it was just simple sewing. NOPE! Good luck and hope you survive:)

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

Brave, brave lady you are!! My goodness! I love your illustrated story board. And while not sure if you were serious in your tomato/strawberry quest this is what I unearthed:
"People used to believe that placing a ripe tomato on the mantel when first entering a new home guaranteed future prosperity. Since tomatoes were not available year-round until recently, families moving into new homes often substituted round balls of red fabric stuffed with sawdust or sand. These balls were also used as pincushions, which explains--if you ever wondered--why your grandmother's pincushion looked like a tomato."....
But, that doesn't explain the strawberry now, does it? :-)

Marilyn said...

Terisa, you're so great to do this! I bet they all had a wonderful time...and maybe you did too? :) hugs, Marilyn

vivian said...

haha! well, I'm sure you survived the week.. and I bet the kids took home some interesting projects that they are proud of! You are a good girl and I'm sure you were a blessing to some of those girls.. who may not have ever learned to sew other wise!!
I taught arts and crafts for our towns summer rec program for about 4 or 5 years when my kids were little. I had 2 helpers and usually had up to 60 kids through out the day. The hardest part was coming up with projects that could be age appropriate and adapted for 5 year olds to 12 year olds! It was fun though! and yes.. there was always a bottle of tylenol tucked in my purse!!

Kathy said...

I could not imagine attempting that in a million years...you are a saint!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

Holy macaroli that's an undertaking! I commend you and think you deserve the golden spool award for all that!
I hope you'll show some of the classes work.......that is AFTER you stop and put your feet up and maybe have a cold drink. Sound good?

I haven't forgotten about our swap talk....I'm thinking towards end of summer, what do you think??


Jackie said...

You teach the 12 year old first and get them to teach the others..while diverting the little ones with a menial task..like drawing their project. Done it...30 years..never again.
I never want to hear 'Me pins come off me string' again...ever.