Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gardenseed, Danville, CA

I had a really fun, rainy day field trip this weekend.
Ferrini Gal and I headed south to Pleasanton, CA for the ZNE Convention. Along the way we made a stop at the Gardenseed in Daneville, CA.

If you have never visited this store, it is a must for anyone traveling to the area or even if you are going to be somewhere within the vicinity

Words can not even describe this wonderful environment Robyn Robertson has created. Every style, every texture, every color is my favorite.There is just enough room to walk in a single file through a maze of lovelies.

Now in order to obtain the full effect I have devised a master plan to help you through the shop. It must be tackled one round at a time.

The first circle around,
you need to look from the knees down.

The second circle,
knees to the top of the head.

Third circle,

eye level and up!

Forth circle,
collect for the purchase.
It is a wonderful combination of gifts, including unique items from well known artisans.
Once you leave you are on such an adrenaline high from the visual stimulation, an hour you'll need a nap!

I'll tell you about the ZNE Convention in the next post.
Can you say,
"Whoo Hoo"!
But right now after seeing these photos, I have to take a nap!


suesueb said...

oh my!! i wold love to visit here-swooning with envy!!

vivian said...

woweee! I want to go there! looks like so much fun!

vivian said...

I'm glad you like the charms.. I never follow directions.. I'm a rebel at heart and just cant do it! but really, those charms take me about 5 minutes a piece.. if that! and I love making them, I thought you needed to have more! Please dont feel like you have to do more.. I dont expect it. I did not do the black and white swap.. didnt know about it! I must not be reading the right blogs as I have been missing some really good swaps it seems!
thanks for liking my felted friends.. I love making them.
have a great week!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh I like your circles ever so much more then Dante's!! Though I could see how some one who needs a slick, white organized world would think they had fallen into Hell :) Ahhh but for those of us that crave visual noise this would surely be Heaven!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

Ro Bruhn said...

What a place, this is a colour freak's paradise. There's inspiration at every turn. Thanks for commenting on my blog too.

Lorraine said...

love those colours..they would make great backgrounds printed off on transparencies perhaps

umintsuru said...

What wonderful chandeliers!!