Monday, April 26, 2010

Why am I an artist?

Name this shape.
Name this shape.

Now, name this shape.

While teaching a second grade art class, I informed the students that a hexagon has 5 sides.
I was corrected and told," No, it has 6 sides" by one of the kids.

I then attempted to faked my inept answer by saying,

"Correct. Just like a STOP sign."

And to think I graduated with Highest Honors from the University of California at Davis!

What can I say.....I was a Design major.
What a dork!


vivian said...

lol! so.. what is the 5 sided one called? I called it a house! I did know the hexigona and octogon though! lol

WingingIt said...

hey....miss napa....i am doing a fair in your town on may 22nd....stop by..would love to meet you
miss bencia

Erica said...

it's a dead parrot!

sorry, been watching too much Monty Python, it's a polygon