Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Changing things up

I learned to sew right around the time I leaned to walk.
My mom taught me, NOT while wearing an apron...it was more like instead of wearing one!

My first sewing machine was a Singer 401, new on the market the same year that I was born.
I still have it today.
It has seen many miles of thread pass through it.
I've sewn professionally for what seems like forever. From swimsuits to wedding dresses, costumes to cushions, I have sewn it all.

I have now come to the time in life that I realized grace and dignity are lacking when I attempt to stand upright after marking a hem.
Groaning on the way down, then the attempted roll to the side, to the knees then slowly up just does not have that, "I'm a professional" look to it.

So I'm changing things up. The last wedding has been completed.
My apron is coming off....

and I am passing the pin cushion and seam ripper to the next generation.

Sewing will no longer be creating stress.
It will only be for releasing it.


Debbi said...

You made me giggle! Not because what you said was silly . . . because I know so well what you're talking about . . . I have recently made the same decision. I'm a fleuriste {sounds more wonderful in French, don't you think?} . . . Nowadays, I cry when I'm working on a wedding . . . a lot. I have made the pronouncement . . . No more. That's it. I'm finished. Done. {Except for family and friends} Does that count as quitting? . . . I wish you the best as you endeavor to make it fun again, too!

Say It In Color said...

I so look forward to your posts! Yes, the "knees" get this post...and I certainly agree, sewing is a wonderful creative art form and loved best when it is not under pressure. I have painted more freely than ever in my life...."sillyness" with children is so good for the soul!! I look forward to your creations!! And you are one CUTE cute lady!! Blessings to you!

Say It In Color said...

I was just scanning and looking at some of your favorites (looking for new and interesting art inspiration) and as I was scrolling down rather fast a few times, I realized that "YOU" look like the Nancy Ann Dolls!!....with that beautiful hair and those brown eyes....you do look like them....fun!

Pam Aries said...

Ohh girl you crack me up..but I sure understand. You are an icredible seam"stress"...!

The Visionary Butterfly said...

that's great. Wishing they still taught home economics in school, knowing how to sew is a valuable asset. I am currently teaching myself with the help of youtube, imagine that lol.

rochambeau said...

Congratulations Terisa!! So happy to read you are passing on your sharp scissors!! I admire you so!

Can't wait to see all that is to come~