Friday, December 10, 2010

How to ship from Peru

You place an order on October 10, 2010.

You purchase and place as many stamps as you can fit on top of your box.

You patiently wait until you receive a letter from Home Land Security.

They tell you, you have to find a broker that will sign for your box in Miami.
You call 225 brokers until you find one that sounds trustworthy.

You go to Staples and buy a ream of paper and printer ink
to print all the pages the broker sends you.
You cry when you realize all the forms that have to be filled out.
Then you remember how soft and cuddly the hand knit alpaca sweaters and throws are.

You fax in the forms.
You call everyday for 33 days.
The day arrives when they finally tell you that your box has been released from Customs Jail.

You count down the days til arrival.
You return home to find that they tried to deliver while you were away.

You go to the Post office the next day.
They find the box after the third time looking.
They tell you to wait on the side of the building.
You move your car four times because it's taking the postman to long to come out.
Five other postmen and women ask if they can help you.

You spot a guy, in blue, carrying a really big box with stamps ALL over it.
He places it in your car!

Home at last and yes they are just as soft and cuddly as I remember.....

From Peru to California....
Piece of cake!


Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...


WOW! what a story!
I have relatives in Peru. When I was little, my great Aunt would bring us back all sorts of treats and handiwork. My favorite was a llama doll. Real llama wool on it and colorful trims.

Kai said...

GOOD GRACIOUS! What an adventure in mailing! But the trouble you went to is SO worth it! How soft & beautiful those look! HUGS!

Heather said...

Well it looks like it was worth the wait and trouble!