Saturday, January 19, 2008


There is something incredibly beautiful about the full hourglass silhouettes, although I am grateful I do not have to wear them today. Layers upon layers of richly colored silk taffeta festooned with ribbons and lace. Just looking at these gowns you can hear the swishing sound, 'although a lady never draws attention to herself by manner of swishing her skirt'.

The hoop skirt has had so many cute names throughout the centuries. Farthingales, panniers, crinolines...............they sound like names of exotic birds. Pannier strikes me the funniest of them all because the word comes from a french term for the wicker baskets that were slung over on the sides of pack animals. For some reason this just does not hold the feminine connotation that you would expect!

It's so interesting to me how one idea can lead to another. For an artist to take the dress design into an event instillation and then transform it into an interior decor is wonderful to see.

Don't these look like colorful, exotic, flying farthingales?

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