Saturday, March 15, 2008


There I was, fresh out of college, a young Design major.

When I wasn't creating for myself, I was designing costumes for others.

But atlas, there comes a time when a woman cannot be satisfied any longer with clowns, gorillas, knights and soldiers.

I wondered what was out there?

Was there a prince for me?

I prayed.

Oh Lord..............PLEASE bring me the Man of my dreams..................

Then one Christmas noon, life brought a dramatic twist.

Santa showed me the man

Well, twenty two years later ..........

We are still dancing through life together!




Looking forward to the next twenty two!

All black and white photos from Brocategirl on Flickr

Santa photo from Santapaul on Flickr


martha brown said...

This is a beautiful story (and beautifully illustrated) Congratulations on 22 years!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

This was SOOOOOOOO wonderful!!!Congrats on 22 yrs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Happy Happy Anniversary #22 from some good friends of yours who will also be celebrating #22 next month!! :)

Anonymous said...

OH & by the way - DAVE - woohoo!! Who knew you were such a studmuffin - wow - what a bod - Danny's jealous!! :) HeeHee!!!

Jennifer said...

That is just too cute!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Deirdra Doan said...

You are so cute! Love this post!!!
My 25th is next Aug. Silver. I have the same story...Our Lord has really blessed us both so much.....
Want to put on our Silver Anniversary Party?? Grin...