Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RED Party January 31, 2009

See all this amazing art?

It is about to be displayed at the

RED Party

in LA on Saturday, January 31, 2009.

Artists from all over the world have donated work to be auctioned to raise funds for the Life Through Art Foundation. The foundation funds art programs for under privileged children. One of the honorees this year is

Editor-in-Chief & Director of Publishing Stampington & Company.

Jenny is an artist herself and has contributed to the arts community by inspiring, encouraging and promoting artist across the globe.

You can read more about the RED Party and the contributing artists at Life Through Art blog and website.


vivian said...

looks like some awesome art work there! I hope they do well and raise a nice amount of money!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Just beautiful! I'm hoping that I can get involved with this event next year! Wonderful job and Cheers to all of the contributing artists!

Funky Art Queen said...

Of course I love Renea's "JOY"....this is such a lovely grouping and for such a great cause.

Lisa "Oceandreamer" Swifka said...

This is so thrilling! I only wish I could be there. I truly hope this raises a lot of money for this good cause!!
You are amazing!

KarenHarveyCox said...

That Red party really sounds exciting. I hope you raise a lot of money too.

inventivesoul said...

~*FYI! I just learned, in case you did not already know- IT IS JENNY'S BIRTHDAY SATURDAY TOO!*~

You GOTTA sing happy birthday to her and say I wish her a happy birthday too!


I cannot wait to hear all about this event!

I'm praying that everyone has a great time and things run super smoothly!


Amber Dawn

Pat Winter said...

Terisa...You WON the Inner child doll..stop by my blog....


turquoise cro said...

Woo HOO!!! Have FUN!!!!WISH Jenny HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! for us!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

You must be one rock'N and Roll'N chica right now surrounded by RED ART.

I'm with you in spirit,

can you feel my JOY?

You have made us all feel a great big part of CHANGE.

(wonderful you)

Lisa "Oceandreamer" Swifka said...

I cannot wait to hear all about the evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Margie said...

Hope the party went well. hugs Margie.

Debb said...

I can't wait to hear how it went. It was such a great honor to be one of the artist for this cause.
love DEbb