Tuesday, February 3, 2009


When it's the end of January and you see this out your window.

And your waiter looks like this.

There is only one place on earth you can be....


The RED PartY was this last weekend.

More photos are coming but I had to get something out to share.

Life Through Art Foundation hosts this once a year event to honor someone who has dedicated their life to art while hosting a fundraiser to continue exposing under privileged children to the arts.

Jeff Brooks, president of the foundation announced that just the night before the party LTAF had bused inner city kids to a live performance of Peter Pan. Hosting a backstage tour and meeting the actors. These were kids that had NEVER experienced theatre before.

Their goal for 2009 is to reach 10,000 kids!

This years event was at the Petersen Auto Museum in Hollywood.

I am honored to be a part of this as the
event designer
(what that means is doing whatever Jeffery wants me to do).

Jeffery Brooks, president LTAF

The team that put this together was great. Kristopher Kelly, a man of energy and enthusiasm, Jennifer Bobbiewash, the most organized woman I have ever met, Ford Englerth, lighting extraordinaire and Jeffery Brooks, the visionary that can successfully rally people together to serve kids.

The enormous tent was transformed into RED.

Red lightning, red fabric, red decor and red art!

Jenny Doh, Editor-in-Chief & Director of Publishing Stampington & Company. was the honoree. Ask me how excited I was to meet Jenny Doh in person?

Ahh Duh!

That should be a no brainer for anyone in the craft world!

Here is Jenny singing, 'Red Red Wine' for the party...

...Just kidding!

This is her giving an amazing speech . As she expressed with great eloquence,

"Art saves".

It was Jenny's birthday as well as my Mom's, Glam-Ma that evening.

To all the RED artists your work was featured on a calender that was handed out at the event.

Your talents and your willingness to share your art with this foundation has allowed more children to be able to learn to live their Life Through Art.

(I will be mailing calenders out to all of you this week)

Please go see Life Through Art Foundation blog for links to all the participating artists and many artist profiles. Stop by thier sites and tell them how much you appreciate their sharing hteir talents with

Just like Jenny said,

"Art saves!"


Live life and dream always


Tumble Fish Studio said...

It looks and sounds like such a magical meaningful event. I am so impressed and proud of you (though we barely know each other) for your involvement and dedication to this program. Having been an art teacher in elementary schools for some time, I truly and genuinely appreciate the huge efforts made by such a caring group of artists and individuals. I will do my best to get the dates right, but I would absolutely like to be involved next year in any way that I can help. It is very handy dandy that I live nearby and hubby works (kind of high up) in the movie industry so maybe we can get some help from him and his buddies too.

Congratulations on all of your hard work and the results that are sure to enrich the lives of a lot of young artists and kids that should learn to enjoy art and creativity all of their lives!


vivian said...

Ive been wonderign how it went! Im glad it was a success. I'm excieted about the calander... (especially because I havent managed to buy a 2009 for my house yet! ) What a great cause.. I'm glad I got to be part of it!

Gufobardo said...

wow wow owwwwwwwooo please, write about this experience..where is now my bracelet? remember 'children's smile'?

Amy Short said...

Hey! I wondered how it went. Can't wait to hear more about it. Am I really getting a calendar! Yay! Can't wait to see it. Hope you raised lots of money.


Margie said...

That sound incredible, especially as in these times it is the important community life changing projects that are first to have funding withdrawn. I have worked in community for a number of years and have experienced and understand that art can bring about real meaningful change for all. I am so glad it went so well. Congratulations on your involvement and committment. Red is a beautiful colour. hugs Margie.

3rdEyeMuse said...

me too, me too! have been waiting to hear how wonderful the event was ... this is great, but more, PLEASE! :) Did everything in the auction go? were lots & lots of dollars raised? could you have possibly looked any happier than you do in that photo with Jenny Doh?

oh! and thanks for sending out calendars to us ... I can't wait!

inventivesoul said...

I saw some of the celebrities that went.
Pretty cool! Some of my favorites who are always so involved and caring!
~*Doris Roberts!!!*~ being one of them!
I am so excited to be getting a calendar too! ~*Thank you SO much*~ for posting and for making me laugh out loud- "Red red wine"...

I cannot write anything deep and meaningful right now because I am sitting in a very loud environment...
I am just SO glad to see a post from you!
I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Wow, you certainly can run with scissors, and juggle and perform miraclees to put that event together. Looks sensational, and all that hob nobbing. Congrats, your heart must feel very full right now.