Sunday, June 21, 2009

Do you know what day it is?

Oh my!

I am so thankful for my blogging buddies. When one falls the other is always there to pick them up.

Bloggers are like a alarm clocks, reminding us of important dates.

I almost forgot what an important day today is.

Fortunate for me I checked in with Funky Art Queen.

Today is NOT just Father's Day.

Today is Summer Solstice!

And you know what THAT means!

Yep, It's

Don't forget to wear your hat and bug repellent.

Wood ticks can be nasty.


Pat Winter said...

Darn! I didn't know it was naked hiking day. Shoot! Well, maybe next year.....:-0

Funky Art Queen said...

OMG, that was priceless, got a good laugh and that child is precious with his shiney hiney! Thanks Girl! Come and check out this year's Tuesdays Ten Tiny Things contest.