Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wine Auction Art

This is a 4' x 6' canvas I did
for the Napa Valley Wine Auction many years ago.
The grape leaf is painted on canvas with acrylic, cut and attached with stuffing underneath to create a relief. The veining in the leaf is stitched to add dimension. The vine branch is collaged with different textural fabrics.
I just came across the photo and remembered running out of black paint for the background. My newly acquired daughter (adopted age 9 at the time) headed to the store to pick me up more.
Upon returning she informed me that they only had "Mars black" not "Midnight". She hoped that would be OK.
That was when I knew she was in the right family!
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Tumble Fish Studio said...

How perfect is THAT? Oh those moments when you know you're meant to be with the people you are with . . . priceless.

Thanks for stopping by. It's been a crazy few months for me with taking care of my dad 1800 miles away and I am so out of sync with the rest of blog world, but it's all about to be over - 3 more weeks and I am home to stay and get back on top of things. Which reminds me, when the time comes, I really want to help with your Red Art Project this year - put me on the list. I'll do hard labor, gopher errands, anything and whatever you need. I'm close by so, don't hesitate!

I'm off in a few days for another couple of weeks. Until I get back on the saddle with both legs off the ground, I've always enjoyed your blog and art and look very forward to catching up with you!


Sharon said...

What a great moment and I love tah wonderful pc. of art. Just fantastic. Sharon