Friday, September 18, 2009

Bunny Dip

There is a first time for everything.
Yesterday my Super Hero daughter was not feeling too much like a Super Hero. The problem with her coming home in the middle of the day was that she had a wedding to cater that evening. Not wanting anyone to be short handed, I offered up my hands for the evening. Now remember, I'm not a kitchen and food kind of gal.
In our home,
' when the microwave dings dinner is done'.
Flickr photo by: Rene Ehrhardt
So, there I found myself last night standing before a room of elegantly set tables (which I would have preferred to have set and decorated myself) and smiling faces waiting to be me!
I had to draw upon every movie scene I had ever witnessed of people being waited upon. The restaurants I frequent were not going to help me at this time. I already knew they were, not going to want fries with their wine.
When I walked out to serve all I could remember was the "Bunny Dip".
Flickr Photo by: Loves a Beautiful Thing
I saw it on a biography special about Hugh Hefner and the playboy bunny club.
"Hold the tray with your left hand,
bend at the knee and
serve over your shoulder toward the back".
So there ya go.
At almost 50 I served people dinner and I mastered the
"bunny dip"
all in one night!

Flickr Photo by: OutsaPop Trashion


Jane said...

The Bunny Dip - that's so funny! Glad it worked out for you to help your daughter out.
Always look forward to your posts.
Jane - Jacksonville

inventivesoul said...

That bunny is too cute!!!!!!!!