Thursday, December 3, 2009

DIY Fashion Tutorial:Crochet necklace

Couldn't you buy yarn like this from Artemis Artemis at etsy.

Collect caps like Dawn L.E. Riden

Crochet around them with Dawning Dreams pattern.

And create a necklace like these from Anthropologie?

Yes, Glam Ma and Aunt Cheri...I talkin' to you!


vivian said...

wow! who'd a thunk!?
have a great weekend!

JUSTforDESIGN by JUSTina Blakeney said...

I love your idea of 'purposeful creativity' and try to follow along that path as well. I taught some classes with kids this summer and made some necklaces similar to these Anthro ones with kids ages 5-8-- they had a ball- and the necklaces came out just stunning. I love this blog, it's got great vibes! Hugs,