Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Uniform Project

When you're as cute as this,
you too could wear the same black dress for
365 days
and still get a date!
The Uniform Project is the brain child of Sheena Matheiken.
Beginning May 2009, she pledged to wear one dress for one year as an exercise in sustainable fashion.
The Uniform Project is also a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots movement that is revolutionizing education in India.
At this post she is on day 283 and has raised $53, 861.00 and has put 149 kids in school in India.
Here’s how it works: There are 7 identical dresses, one for each day of the week. Every day she reinvents the dress with layers, accessories and all kinds of accouterments, the majority of which are vintage, hand-made, or hand-me-down goodies.
( above info taken from the Uniform Project website)

This outfit she could wear to the
on February 20, 2010
The RED Party is the annual fundraiser for Life Through Art Foundation.
A non profit organization that funds the arts for under privileged children.


vivian said...

wow! that is remarkable! I cant even imagine! maybe the same pair of jeans everyday for a year! lol!
I wish I had more fashion sense!
have a great day!

Mollye said...

Hi and thanks for the memories this brought to me. When we were poor and raising four youngins and I had NOTHING for myself, I had ONE black dress but several scarves which I would wear to church each week and felt like I was wearing a different dress. The dress actually came from the Goodwill. WOW. It can be done out of necessity and a little imagination. Mollye

Fete et Fleur said...


I'm a bit stunned and need to go check this out. Thanks for sharing this.


The idea of a tassel is great. Maybe I will make one out of paper!