Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mad Hatter

I'm wearing this.
To go see this.
Don't sit behind me!

Gift tags from me to you.
Something to color while you're waiting in line. You can go here to print.


jkddz said...

Too bad we didn't live closer. I want to dress up in my Mad Hatter costume I posted about for our scrapbooking weekend in October or maybe it was in November none of my friends will get all dressed up and I don't want to look too CRAZY going myself all mad-like


Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

LOVE this, wish I had one, but then my kids would probably refuse to go to the movie with me......;)

Debby said...

How fun!!! I am going today, but I don't have a beautiful hat. Love it.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How funny! I will look for you today because since the weather is not looking good I think spending the afternoon seeing this movie would be great.
I enjoyed catching up with your other post. Wow you were not too far from me in San Antonio.
Take care

Sarah said...

Fabulous hat!

Erica said...

even before I scrolled and read all your post I was thinking "I wouldn't want to sit behind you!"
gorgeous hat, I'd love to see an audience dressing for this show

Chris said...

Did you enjoy?! You looked so FABULOUS!

off to print things for coloring.

Pam Aries said...

I'm late ..I'm late!...thankie for the coloring pictures!