Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tutu's in Texas

It was a Tutu week in Texas!
Flew into San Antonio, Texas and met up with a good friend,
the Queen of Tartz.
Met a like minded soul, Ruth.
This is her sewing room.
Began and completed sewing drapes, table coverings, runners, Euro shams and couch pillows and that was just the first day!

Day two began with too many tutu's!
They arrived in three pieces and incomplete.
All of them had to be altered to fit like a glove, then stitched altogether.
Many long hours and three days later.
Just in time for my very first pedicure.
And the first time I've ever had red toes tu!
My super hero daughter refers to them as,
"Sexy mama puma toes"!


Jane said...

Those tutus are absolutely gorgeous! Cute toes too!

Jane - Jacksonville

Pam Aries said... toes! is a small bloggy world.! Sue being your vineyard friend! I am so happy to meet her and now knowing you 2 are buddies. One day..I will be on the road to Napa. I'll let ya'll know..hehehe. Teriffic tutus! I really dig the art she makes ..and am glad it was me who won..YES!

Lauren said...

Woo-woo! Very nice! You can totally pull off red toenails!

rochambeau said...

You are a wizard in the sewing department, Terisa ~
Nice tutus, too!