Friday, May 28, 2010

More Notes on Peru:

My creative work over these last few weeks seems to be focused on wedding alterations, teaching and some basic strategic planning for the work in Peru. Nothing visual to show yet. So, I decided to post more pictures of Trujillo, Peru.

These are fishing rafts known as Caballitos (little horses). They are found in the seaside village of Huanchaco and made of the tortura reeds which are found in this area.

You can actually watch the locals ride these out into the waves.
Unlike the ones you see at Lake Titicaca they have a flat bottom and are solid reed.

All in a row I couldn't help but think they look like a line up of dwarf hats.

These are pictures were taken from the road of Chan Chan,
the ancient Chimu' kingdom. If you look here you can see some detailed photos of the area.

There it sits eroding away in the wind. It is amazing how much still exists considering it's age dating back to 700-1400 ad. But this area has very little rainfall, about 1" per year and most of that is concentrated in a fog like mist. So the mud walls disappearing have done so slowly over the last 600 years.


Sandra said...

Amazing! This is the second time in a week I've run across similar photos. Perhaps I need to make a similar trip; sure hope so.

Chris said...

Holy Cow!