Saturday, May 8, 2010

Notes on Peru:

I finally dumped my photos of Peru onto my computer.
Rather than making you see all my home photos at once, I've decided to stretch them over a few posts.

This is Lima, Peru.
It is the fourth largest city in Latin America, boasting a staggering 8,442,00.
The architecture was fascinating. Most of the governmental buildings seem to represent the early Spanish colonial style.

Balconies jetting out from the buildings were everywhere. The word is that there are upwards of 1600 in the city. In order to maintain these works of art, the city has invited individuals and companies to adopt them. I was told that they were made from cedar wood.

This is the Archbishop's Palace.

This is the city square, Plaza de Armas of Lima where most of the governmental buildings are located. It is considered the birthplace of Lima in 1535.

Approaching the Basilica Cathedral of Lima. A Roman Catholic cathedral.

The Basilica Cathedral of Lima
That was the sightseeing tour.

Now off to the real reason we were there.
We headed to the outskirts of town.

To the area our driver informed us, he was taking the back way because it was unsafe for him to drive us through the area.

When we approached wall with 901 scratched into the adobe and Carlos our driver said," We're here". The first thought that came to mind was, I saw this movie and it didn't have a very good ending!

He gets out of the car, approaches the large metal door and knocks on it. A little peep door opens and I can hear two men speaking Spanish back and forth. Carlos returns to the car and the metal door is rolled open.

We drive in slowly, with men watching us from all sides. Skinny dogs running around, a large trash heap, run down cars and motorcycles and a few dilapidated buildings.
Oh and did I mention a man guarding the roof?
We are "escorted" into a building where one of the men disappears only to return with another man who nods to the first and they walk outside the door.
We are seated in an open room with one small coffee table, three chairs and a poster on one wall. Are you ready for this?
We talk Alpaca Yarn!

I snapped this photo when he left the room for a moment. Had I known the other men were waiting just outside the door I may have thought twice.
My guess is either Alpaca is a sought after commodity in Peru or yarn was not all that they were selling there.
To be continued........


Pam Aries said...

Ohhhh... the beauty,,the colors..the architecture! Than kyou for sharing Preu.. more more MORE!

vivian said...

wow!!! cant wait to hear the rest of your story!

zukimia said...

Incredibly beautiful architecture! I would love to travel there!