Sunday, January 23, 2011

M is for Monkeys

Monkey's are just to do darn cute and who doesn't love a pink one?
Look what my blog buddy Viv just made!

I haven't begged, I mean asked, if this one is for sale yet.
If you poke around her site you'll find some pretty darn cute Teddy bears also.

You can go purchase this little guy from MisterSockMonkey1 on etsy.

Or these guys from TheWillowTree on etsy.

Not too sure which part of this one is for sale, but he looks just a cuddly as the others.
citefuzz on etsy


GerryART said...

Too Cute!

Whimsey Creations said...

That pink monkey is adorable!

vivian said...

thanks for sharing my little monkey here! I'm so glad you like him. I carried him around with me yesterday and I think I'm going to stick him in my purse again today. He just makes my day so much brighter! lol
have a great week!

Lesley Chandler said...

Love that monkey hat. I have always loved the sock monkeys!

Pam Aries said...

WHoaa.. she made those ? awesome ! I used to have a sock monkey named Cecil. My Mom tossed it without my permission..never forgave her. ha.

The Thrifty Fox said...

Great post! Monkeys are always such fun. Just wanted to pop over to your blog and say thanks for dropping by mine. So glad you enjoyed the vintage crochet Balls. Lol they make me laugh! Look forward to reading your posts