Saturday, January 22, 2011

Still a Burden

I wrote this exactly 3 years ago today...

Sometimes a painting can speak volumes to you. This one, "The Burden of the Materialistic Man" was done by my hubby, Dave, the world's famous artist. It holds alot of meaning for me. My burden is not the "stuff" as much as the "stuff that could be". You know...If I glued this with this it could be a ......If I painted this it could be a.....If ever I need something it could be a.....I think I'll ask him to do a painting titled, "The Burden of a Junk Junkie Woman".

I guess some things never change.


Say It In Color said...

I'm glad you validated us here and glad some things never I guess I can stay sane for a few more days and be proud of my is NOT a burden, it is not a is not a you sell earplugs for family members that don't agree? Ha....this really did make me feel better!!!

She'sSewPretty said...

you too!!I know just how that man feels. I was blog hopping and thought I would visit. You've been up to some fun sewing and creating adventures and OMG those shawls from Peru. Gorgeousness!