Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Hands For Hope, LLC.

Every day we are closer and closer to our website up and running! 
The concept is simple. 
For every soft, cuddly, alpaca throw you purchase; we purchase a warm and snuggly fleece blanket for a child in need.

Not only is it simple, it's helping those most in need.

These beautiful hand knit throws are lovingly created by women in the barrios of Peru.


jinxxxygirl said...

Something not quite right about us buying alpaca and you donating fleece. Hit me right away when i read this on your blog..but maybe its just me.....

Sabii Wabii said...

I wanted to give you some info about Peru. The barrios are quite dry, dusty and sandy. The lack of running water is a problem and the availability to wash is limited at best. We looked into all the different types of blankets to offer them. This is what was requested for a few reasons: the durability, the warmth, the ability to wash, and the ability to dry quickly after it is washed since hand washing is all that is available. As strong of a fiber as alpaca is or any wool for that matter it is not practical for them for all of the above reasons. So it was not just you being hit by that thought. I has the same and we had to address what was going to work for them. Some of the blankets for down there are also much larger than what we use here in the US since entire families often have to use just one.
Thanks for stopping by and posting.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

What a meaningful and worthy project you have undertaken. I was downright impressed with just the fabric labels let alone the magnitude and importance of what you are doing. I look forward to the website being done and being able to contribute to such a lovely endeavor. I commend you for taking this on and the thoughtfulness with which you include in everything you do.

On a different note, how exciting about your daughter! What a story! A story that will be retold to future generations I am sure. That's a good omen - marriages that start with a good story always last with great bliss. I was married quite quickly in Vegas 23 years ago! Congratulations to all of you!