Monday, March 16, 2009

It's all about the sweater

I'm still preparing for the Recycle, Revamp, Reuse workshop this coming Sunday, March 22 in Napa, CA.
I've been experimenting around with different applications and ideas to offer at the class.
Here is the before sweater from the Thrift Shop.
I figured we might end up with some over sized pullovers so I wanted to come up with practical solutions for that style.
This is a box sweater my friend Janet sent over for me to work with.
She sent a few but I liked this one out of wool. It has interesting color and texture. I began working on it right away and forgot to take before photos!
Janet has become my encourager and marketing ambassador.
Everyone should have there very own "Janet".
Everything is just cut, surged or top stitched.
I figure if I can teach sewing to 6 year old children this will definitely work with adults!


vivian said...

wow! I'm so impressed with what you did with those sweaters! especially with the first one. I love it! thats so cool and what a great idea.. though I dont think I could pull something like that off!
happy st. pattys day!

Mo'a said...

I am inspired by your sweaters.
I bought a plain black cardigan some time ago and find it I am going through my stash to see what I can use to embellish it and make it more interesting.

jenclair said...

Wow! What beautiful transformations!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Who would've thought that you could do that to an old sweater? Okay, I'm send some your way so you can work that amazing magic you have in those fingers of yours! LOL
Have fun and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

3rdEyeMuse said...

you've made what once was plain into wearable art! really, really lovely.

Marilyn said...

I wish I could be at this workshop! Gorgeous and fun!

Fete et Fleur said...

The cream sweater is gorgeous! I love what you have done with it!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my...this sweater is absolutely georgeous! Love all the "layers" and textures! I'm an old (not that old) quilter so love the fact, too , that you sew and break needles! Nice that you took a pic of it....hehe.
Thanks for visiting ME, too! Your an inspiration and are now in my favorites!