Sunday, July 26, 2009

This post is way overdue

It was a weekend of charming adventures.

I finally linked some of my gift and swap charms together.
When I found Amber Dawn's blog I was hooked.
The above photos are tiny art pieces from two swaps she organized,
Amber then organized International Charm Day and I did these and traded for these:
Lorraine Rigby Love of Collage
These traveled across the Atlantic to California.
Yes, her name is Rigby and she lives in Liverpool, but she says no connection to the Beatles. I think she should make up a really great story. I would.

I won these from Arlene Mobley at Altered By Me
These traveled across the US from Florida.
What a great way to take care of all those loose buttons.

And these came across the Pacific from Hawaii.
They were created by Connie Williams at Cetta Cheese Chatter.
Connie just embalmed a centipede for a jewelry piece...disturbing yet interesting. Check out her blog.
I have more charms to link up but now I have to go find more chain.


Lorraine said...

wow you certainly got some great charms..I will have to put mine on a chain as well..I knew there was something I had forgotten to do..blame it on the kids causing chaos as its summer holidays!!!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

LOve LOve Love your new charm necklace! Love all the different charms!

Sharon said...

Wow great charms!Sharon

inventivesoul said...

I had a dream of you this weekend!
You had short hair and you were you but younger.
It was not something I can clearly remember as far as what you were doing in my dream, it's like I was looking at stylish moving snapshots of you.
I thought of you today and just dropped by your blog to find your post!

Is it fun to wear?

Natasha Burns said...

loving everything there, and that sure is a great way to keep loose buttons!
So glad you're going to join me in the REVAMP IT challenge! Thanks so much, can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Lucky you . . . these are fabulous, FAB-U-LOUS!