Friday, July 3, 2009

aDressing the Situation

How do you begin aDRESSing the situation about the murders in Juarez, Mexico?


I sent out an e-mail to family and friends informing them about the situation and requested dresses from each one of them.

The goal 400

Each one representing the life of a murdered women of Juarez, Mexico that has been found.

Just like our lives, the dresses are stitched together, touching and overlapping one another.

All 400 dresses are entombed into a female form that bursts from all the lives wrongly swiped away.


My mom, Glam-Ma brought me a dress for the project. It seemed to stand alone. Like many of the women of Juarez, Mexico I sew for a living. In spite of the fact it can feel like a sweatshop at times, there is no point of comparison. Wedding dresses is what I seem to be working on the most lately. It struck me that many of these young women were not yet married. So I placed the dress amongst scrapes from altered wedding dresses.


This one came in from a friend, Julie Polson. It too was a stand alone, so I'm mailing it on it's own. She told me she had used stamps from the collection given to her from her Grandmother. They are all women. Take note of the one used for the head. The inscription says," She gave her life".
How perfectly, perfect is that?

Monica, thank you for creating such a buzz about this very important cause.

You can see more art aDRESSing the situation here.


vivian said...

I seriously must live under a rock.. I dont know anything about these murders.. going to google it right now.
Happy independence day!

Pat Winter said...

Wow Terisa, what a wonderful undertaking. You certainly have a lot of wonderful friends and family that ROCK!
I never knew about this until I saw Monica's post. I did manage to send off a dress on July 1st. Hopefully more will learn of this and something can come of it.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I am absolutely speechless and soooo moved by what you've done here ... wow.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...


Superb job getting 400 dresses from family members!

Terisa, YOU ARE without a doubt a most powerful woman!

You get things done! You take on the world!

And hopefully here..

we'll get AN ARTICLE written about this!

Happy 4th!

You've def set off some amazing foreworks with this creation!

xo, me

Cathy Mendola said...

What an amazing job you did with this project! I'm in awe of what you created. I would love to see it in person. Such a spectacular piece!

rebecca said...

you have completely swept me away.
i am speechless. near tears...
stitching 400 dresses, from 400 different women, together...what a concept.
i am always looking for the deeper meaning, using materials in my own work with powerful origins...ahhhh
this takes my BREATH AWAY!!!!

Sharon said...

Wow what a undertaking. I too sent off three dresses on July 1. Lets hope this makes a difference. Sharon

deb did it said...

now this is one powerful message. I am in awe...the lives stitched together, overlapped with care, concern, and love. I am deeply moved by this gesture.

rochambeau said...

Dear Terisa,
What a powerful work of art! So much love and good will went into this. It was so great that you got the word out! Your combined piece is magnificent with each piece sewn together! This is a beautiful expression of the heart! Thank you,
for being a shining star!


Marilyn said...

Terisa, I would expect nothing less from you than an INCREDIBLY powerful and thoughtful piece!!
It's gorgeous and it touches my very soul! Wonderful work, sister:)

Tumble Fish Studio said...

AMAZING and brilliant and profound! You are an incredible person with incredible talent that you so graciously use and share to change the world. And you are changing it.