Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a week!

What would be like "Fashion Camp" with teens?

Herding "wild" cats!

Flickr photo: Mr Flibble
And what is it like when all those little paws start playing with fabric and thread and pins and needles and sewing machines and running with scissors?

Flickr Photo by: Susanrudat

They begin unleashing their inner creativity.

We created inspiration boards and designer labels.

Made headbands, wrist cuffs, necklaces,

purses, flowers, aprons

and "snuggle puss" dolls.

They revamped tee's, shorts, tie dyed shirts and
costumed 6 year old "Rock Stars".

Don't let these smiling faces fool you...
They're "Wild" Animals!

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Eclectic Pink Rose said...

LOL LOL!!! Great photos! I bet they had an amazing time, it looks soooo fun, it really does. (Do you have any hair left?) hee hee.
♥ Teresa

muralimanohar said...

Brave, brave, brave woman.

So creative, the kids, though! :D

3rdEyeMuse said...

how I wish I could have been a teen at YOUR fashion camp - I have no doubt that you are exhausted and need to be treated to an entire spa day, but look at those extraordinarily happy faces! and their creations of jr. magice!! well done. three cheers to you!!

Maija said...

Oh my,how I wish I was a teen again!! That looks like so much fun!!

Natasha Burns said...

oh wow what a fabulous idea! you are one courageous lady that's for sure!

vivian said...

looks like the best camp ever! I would have loved coming to this type of camp when I was a kid! I bet youre a great teacher too.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

See? More evidence of changing the world. It looks like you made a very happy group of girls very confident in their creative abilities and, being a former art teacher, I know that is quite the trick to pull out of your fabulous talented hat! Magic! Next time, lets have a "Make Frumpy Middle Age Marsha a Rock Star" camp - I'll just stand and let everyone transform me under your cooler than heck guidance!