Saturday, January 23, 2010

Angels and Devils

The class assignment was to create different characters.
We studied facial expressions and discussed how certain features could inspire different moods.
This is what they did,
Angels and Devils!
Angels and devils also adequately describes the class overall, third grade. The fear of adults is not longer with them. Pushing any and all boundaries is the protocol.
Just before Christmas they were should I put it?
A room full of 24 barking, 8 month old puppies.
When the teacher walked back into the class I'm not sure how she knew it had been a bit ruff. Maybe it was my eyes rolling back into my head that may have been the sign of it not going well that day. When I returned the following day I had 24 hand written apology notes on my bag.
The best one was, "I am sorry for crawling under my desk and throwing paper at Jorge. I hope you forget about it".
It wasn't until the last class, in the last 5 minutes, at a point of desperation,
I played a quick game of, "Simon Says".
It worked!
For the first time in 6 weeks they were focused and following directions all at the same time. Not one was under a table, tattling on a friend or spinning in circles.
Yippee, one more trick up my sleeve!

These collages are a few of the stronger pieces from the class.
It just goes to show, if you want a fresh approach to your art; spin around 5 times, drop to the floor and crawl under your table. Come out the other side and retrieve a random color of tissue from your neighbor, talk loudly as they tattle on you but glue it to your paper quickly to retain property rights.
This will insure a truly wonderful piece of art.

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Chris said...

This is such a great story! And look at those collages!! I'm thinking of printing them out and putting them up on my fridge. too cool!