Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It never occurred to me how attracted I am to chandeliers until I went through my photo collection. The first three are from private estates.
The last three, colorful, whimsical, ribbons, bows, glass beads, fake flowers and junk jewelry ones are all from
The Gardenseed in Danville, California.
A "must stop" for anyone in the area!
I am hoping that by the time this is posted, "BOB" the man, has fixed my poor s..l..o..w computer.


Gerry said...

Each one more interesting than previous. Makes ya want to hang them everwhere.

Gerry said...

Yikes! You found me out. I love this song.
How Far From Heaven
Even printed out the lyrics from the Internet.

sleepylattes said...

oh i love chandeliers too! especially the first one...something about them makes me dream of elegance, beauty, royalty, riches...