Sunday, June 22, 2008


Look at this amazing photography!!!
Julio's work is absolutely breathtaking.
Every single shot on his Flickr Photostream is unbelievable. I don't usually post art like this but this time I couldn't help myself. WHAT AN AMAZING ARTIST...yep, I did yell out loud.
Check out his work on Flickr.


KarenHarveyCox said...

Flickr is really fun and there are some wonderful photographers on there. I learned how to be a better photographer by using flickr. Many people use photo shop software and really take their photography to a new level, like the one you have featured. There are also so many illustration challenges and artisans too. I love your music today. Karen

Nancy said...

Thank-you so much for answer to your, I didn't paint them, a friend did...I am just fortunate enough to own them.

Love your blog...and that photography..amazing!

I will have to take the time to roam around here.

Have a great day!

Hey It's Di said...

Wow! That is some rally amazing photography!

I love your blog and all of the fun & colorful things you have and make. Your apron below is really GREAT:) You are so talented. No wonder you are addicted!

muralimanohar said...

Wow! He is AMAZING!!!!!!! Even beyond Photoshop, his photos STILL hold up!