Saturday, June 28, 2008

In Honor of Kaitlin

It's my niece Katie's birthday.

She is the most intelligent kid I know.

I take credit for it though since I am the one responsible for teaching her father at a very young age!

He, being my little brother, is five years younger than I. When I was that magical age of 8 and I thought I would someday grow up to be a teacher, I forced, I mean encouraged him to sit for hours as my pupil....homework and all!

He actually was a great student. Followed in my footsteps to attend UC Davis and continued on receiving his MBA.

Now, he has a job as a consultant for some "big wig" firm and no one knows exactly what he does.

OK, back to Katie......Along with being so smart she also is a dancer.

So I stitched up this dance bag for her.

Isn't this just the cutest fabric?

So, In honor of Katie, the smartest kid I know, here is some semi interesting information about Lepidoptera's.

("New Word Wednesday" has been moved to Saturday!)

Lepidoptera is an order of insect that includes moths and butterflies. It is one of the most speciose orders in the class Insecta, encompassing moths and the three superfamilies of butterflies, skipper butterflies, and moth-butterflies.

Members of the order are referred to as lepidopterans.

A person who collects or studies this order is referred to as a lepidopterist.

This order has more than 180,000 species[1] in 128 families and 47 superfamilies.

The name is derived from Ancient Greek λεπίδος (scale) and πτερόν (wing).

I just like to draw and color them!

I was a Design major!

Happy Birthday Katie!

(above info came from Wikipedia)


muralimanohar said...

Too..much..information!! I like the pretty, pretty pictures. :p said...

Looooooooooooove the colors!!!! What a lucky Kaitlin!! ;) ;)

Vicki C said...

LOVE IT! The color you choose with the great contrast.. are my fave! She'll love it!

Alberta & Ava said...

You definitely get the credit for your brother's success! And your neice's intelligence is also to your credit. I love the bag you made her. Aren't nieces the best!!!???

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

So very cool!

M ^..^

Marilyn said...

Darling dance bag, Terisa! I LOVE the fabric you used for the butterflies. Don't you know your niece is going to love it too!


KarenHarveyCox said...

What a beautifully constructed post, and the music is my favorite. Your niece is very blessed to have you as her Aunt. Your bag is so gorgeous, and I loved the journey through your post and how you popped your finished ta dah at the end. Karen

Nabeel said...

There's a garden in Chicago called "The Butterfly Garden" The room is full of butterflies fluttering around. They come and sit on you as well.