Thursday, June 12, 2008


Tony the mailman, arrived today with yet another box for ME!
Hubbies getting jealous.
I received the cutest apron from Mona in Missouri, for the Summer Fun Apron Swap
hosted by Abby at Feathered Nest.
How yummy is this...and the pocket goes entirely across the front!
It came with this great book and a ice cream cone cookie cutter.

Did you see the special word?
No, it's not "ookie".

How cool is that!

I love it because I love aprons and HATE cooking!
Isn't this all as cute as can be?

Yep, this is how I'm going to wear it!
- - - - - - - - - -
Then Tony the mailman comes again!
This time I receive "Natalie". Isn't she a dear....I mean deer!
She came from Cornflake girl on etsy.
Check her store out, she has some pretty cute items.

And I received a magic wand from Christine at Extra Sprinkles

I won this by naming her pink poodle, with quite the cover girl lashes,

"Tammy Faye"

I love the wand but I am doing something wrong.

I keep waving it over the dishes but nothing happens!
It's beautiful but obviously faulty because when she waved it over her hubbie at her house it made him color blind!
(now you have to go to her site to see what I mean! ~smile~)
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Christine O'Brien said...

Terisa! I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying. OMG, this is just too funny. Shabby Hubby will be in stitches tomorrow when I show him.
Unfortunatly he will be mesmerized with the thought of you wearing the apron as you've suggested. oh my.
Well, I'll just scroll really fast past that part and he won't notice.


Hey It's Di said...

Very cute apron and I too love the "NO BAKE" part of that book! Just the way I love to cook! (or not cook:)

P.S. thanks for commenting on my blog. It helped me find your great blog!

Creepy Margaret said...

Cool Chihuahua. I ant to get free stuff too. Maybe I will because I entered two swaps. Good job pal.

KarenHarveyCox said...

You are so fun, love the music and wow all those gifts keep coming. I love the apron, it is totally fun too. Karen

Holly Loves Art said...

Thanks for popping by my blog! Love yours! What a cute apron... love the pattern and the style is really sweet. I see you did purchase a friend from Cornflake girl on Etsy.... she's really talented!

Have fun!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

ooooooooh Cookie, you hit JACKPOT there girly! I am having a blast pouring over this post and remembering when my mom and I would make NO BAKE cookies (chocolate crunchies???) TASTYYY!

Got your note, but NO file??? Checked spam, nothing there either. Is your apron posted? I could swipe the photo from here if it is.

Shooting you an email.

And catching up on your posts!! You always make me LAUGH. :) xo, Monica

Anonymous said...

the fawn indeed is way cute!!! will have to check her out!!!

Daisys Little Cottage said...

The apron is sooooooo sweet !