Monday, September 8, 2008

Bigger Horizons

There comes that sad day when your children leave the nest....
Some quicker than others.

This is one of our children.

This is not.

My dear daughter is off to bigger horizons, in the Land of OZ.

Flickr photo by Vlastula
Off to find larger opportunities,

and like minded folk.

To expand her intellect,

Flickr photo by: agentorrange
and work for a cause.

Flickr photo by: Jackeeadio
Yes, my daughter Mikey leaving for the big city.

Packed into her little portable nest all her necessities for life.....plastic hangers, a fan, animal paper plates, cleaning supplies, a garden gnome, and her chicken costume.

This sketch that my hubbie did sums it up well.

"Twas a sad day when Harvey had to tell Lizzy he could no longer carry her everywhere they went. Every Father goes through it!"

You would think this new phase of life would be different, but when I look into the rear mirror of my car......

I still hear fighting, I still have potty stops and I still get asked,

"How much longer till we get their?"
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Remember, One ringy dingy, Two ringy dingy. What my dingy said to my ringy...
Daughter drives off into the morning sunrise for LA...
5pm the phone rings....
"I've locked my keys in my car in Lebec!"


Christine said...

Hi Terisa,
It never gets any easier as the children grow and go. We have one with one foot out the door and another one still at home. I'm torn between wishing they would just GET OUT and digging their baby stuff out of the cedar chest and having a good cry. Today, while doing the 16 year old's laundry, I wasn't tempted to dig through the cedar chest. :)


girl_gone_thread_wild said...


heyyy, you just answered the question, what came first the chicken or the egg...


I know it can't be easy watching the chicken hatch,

and leave for the land of OZ!

Great illustrations and storytelling!

My heart is with you!

xo, Monica

p.s. wondering where the chicken found those marvelous glasses??? Those are 'TWEEEET!

Gavitee said...

Are you sure the keys.....were not a last ditch effort on her part to have you pick her up where you left off?

I know about this mixed bag of feelings......I had two was trumatic with the first.........and almost fatal with the second. For so many years who you are and what makes you whole is intertwined with them, but pretty soon......where the little acorns drop grows a new tree, and I am sure you have given her all she needs to grow.

Hey It's Di said...

This made me laugh really hard! I mean, it's probably a bit sad to have your daughter leave but you still have the dogs right?

And she didn't get very far before needing you! Awwww! Life is good:)

3rdEyeMuse said...

thank goodness for good moms & AAA!