Saturday, April 25, 2009


I made up this bridal garter then it occurred to me, why in the world do brides even wear them?
Here's what I found:

"The garter-throwing itself derives from a bawdy ritual called "flinging the stocking."

In Britain, the guests would playfully invade the bridal chamber.

The ushers grabbed the bride's stockings; the maids; the grooms. They took turns sitting at the foot of the bed flinging the stockings over the heads of the couple.

Whoever's stocking landed on the bride's or the groom's nose would be the next to wed." excerpt from

Wouldn't that be an interesting honeymoon night!

How funny is that!

This is made from something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Have a vintage hankie from Grandma, a corner of lace from Mom's dress, and button from a great Aunt? Send them my way and I'd be happy to create for you a custom design.


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

LOL, too funny, and who knew? It's always fun to find out why a ritual or tradition started!! I love your garter, very pretty!!
♥ Teresa

vivian said...

well, that is very interesting! I think it would be sort of uncomfortle to have people sitting at the end of my honeymoon bed throwing socks at my nose! cousre after enough champagne, it might be kind of funny!
what a lovely garter you made! Is someone going to be wearing it?
happy sunday!

Mieke said...

Love it!!!!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Beautiful! I finally able to blog again. The move was soooo crazy & made me even more crazier! Renea

a fanciful twist said...

OH! WHo knew??? I LOVE your garter creation!!

Can you imagine, having a wedding night like Marie Antoinette? Your business is everybodies?? Eeeeks!!

Well, if I ever wed, I know who to call for a beyond lovely thigh accessory ;) xoxo

Marilyn said...

What a wild tradition, lol!
And that garter is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I adore discovering these much of the time we do things without ever knowing why, like pinch of salt over the left shoulder..touch wood.. etc.

Little Lovables said...

It's gorgoeos!

I also read that people would rip apart the bride's dress for the pieces were for luck, they they invented the flower and garter toss to avaid the shredded of their gowns

KarenHarveyCox said...

Hi Teresa,
What a beautiful garter. I love learning where things originate from, and this was a great story.