Saturday, April 11, 2009

It must be a self portrait

This is the plate I found in the sink
this is the photo I found on my computer.
(This is a picture of Material girl.)

I'm seeing a resemblance.
Have a wonderful Easter.
(Material Girls art from when she still liked being around me.)


vivian said...

how old is your material girl? my girls tried to disappear from me when they were teenagers.. but now at ages 27 and 23, they are my best buddies!
happy easter!

3rdEyeMuse said...

what an incredible likeness!! :)

Hoppy Easter!

inventivesoul said...

That bunny picture is so sweet!

So funny how you matched the
?ketchup? portrait with the photo.
Very clever and very cute!

Wow what a supportive and generous plug you have sent my way!
~*THANK YOU!!!*~

I am really glad to know you will be joining!
What are you making to swap?
Fabric or "other" materials?
I would love to see when you have it done!

delighted heart said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the cute suggestion for the mink stole. My mom had talked about doing that years ago but never got around to it. Love your deconstructed/reconstructed sweaters. I need to try to figure out how you did all that. I used white goodwill sweaters for a bunch of Christmas projects this year. And I'm working on something with a pink one for my new grandbaby due in may. Your aprons are adorable too! Happy Easter!

Margie said...

Hoppy Faster.....little bunny. hugs Margie.

Lorraine said...

she is lovely..I have to put smiley faces on all the food for my young sons to eat their dinner..they are obsessed with noodles at the moment..hope you all had a great Easter and had loads of chocolate

shiborigirl said...

Funny picture comparison! I think that girl actually POSED for the plated portrait. :D

I hope you had a lovely holiday...