Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Opera coat

I've never had much interest in opera.

In fact I'm not sure if its correct to say,
"I've never had much interest in
the opera
or just, in opera".

I saw this design and realized I have a coat that reminded me of it.

The fact that I own this beautiful vintage wool coat should be enough of a reason to attend one someday.

The entire coat is covered with a silk cream couched design.
It has a distinct 1920's cut.
Very Erte'.

Ferrini Gal owns these shoes.

Are they to die for?

So I may have to come up with an opera to attend otherwise it's off to musical theater.
Do you think I could wear this to Wicked?
After all it is green!
(Disclaimer: I had so much fun editing these photos that the colors are all over the board. I didn't realize it until I posted them all together. But you have to admit, they do look rather cool!)


craftydiane said...

I love that coat! I would certainly wear it if I could!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" Swifka said...

I am hyperventilating over that coat.........oh you could please show it ON you? I'd love to see the full cut and style, how lucky you are to own such an amazing treasure!
I like some Opera but have never attended an Opera.
Still in the studio, soon to emerge.
Thinking of you!

3rdEyeMuse said...

better than cool actually - I'd say exquisite!


Nadine said...

Absolutely incredible coat! I'd like to see a picture of it on you as well! Truly fantastic, and it almost looks like it would go with my wedding dress...even the style would go quite nicely as my wedding dress was vintage when I bought it 20 years ago.

I'd wear it in a heartbeat! In fact, I'd have to devise a plan for an event to wear it to, if there wasn't anything planned already... :)