Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yes, this has become an obsession.
But what better way to show off the cool photos I have collected in Flickr?
Ode to Orange

1. Orange (365/340), 2. Metamorphose, 3. Formosan Sweetgum:フウの木, 4. aDRESSing the situation, 5. Alice at the toadstool, 6. Rick and Laurens wedding, 7. Mad Hatter - Johnny Depp, 8. Flamenco felted scarf, 9. Existential Bird Considers its Shadow, 10. Princess Painting, 11. Spectral, 12. cleo, 13. THai°ZiPPeR, 14. Fishing for Compliments!, 15. Do you have advent calendars in your country?, 16. advent calendar...

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Love this colour in autumn. nice pic.