Friday, September 24, 2010


Well purple was not quite as painful as I thought it might be.
I had no back ups though.
This is it!
The color wheel is finished.

1. Ronde, 2. Flowie, 3. Pretty in Pink Detail, 4. Dior, 5. Vogue Italia Dec 05, 6. Candyland Crown! 8, 7. paint me, 8. in praise of woman, 9. Crazy Cupcake Cake, 10. herding poppets, 11. Water Drop #23, 12. It's Show Business:西天取経, 13. The Faerie Queendom of Violetopia, 14. purple paper dress 2, 15. I'll eat you alive., 16. El amanecer de las mariposas


rochambeau said...

Why I smile?
I don't do purple either.
So it seems you are my sister in non purple. Yet, you pulled off Purple with perfection, Terisa! You always have a happy surprise~

Ulla said...

Girl, you are just a fountain of inspiration! And you inspire me! Hoping you are well and thriving!