Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Dance

We live in an amazing time in history. Advances are being made daily in technology.
Today, I came into direct contact with the most astounding invention conceived in the 21st century.
I know you're thinking, "Could it be the major advances in Hybrid vehicles?".

Flickr photo by: abby.t

"How about the Global Positioning Systems?"

Flickr photo by: Tripletlads

Wrong again!
"The discovery that Pluto needs to be demoted to a dwarf planet?"

Photo by: blogdogs

Ummm, nope.
"The completion of the Humane Genome Project?"

Flickr photo by: A Hermida

No, these are all very nice but nothing compares to this.....


Flickr photo by: Eric Eggertson

I NEVER have to step foot into a grocery store again!

You go on-line, whenever you feel like it....3 am is just with pictures, hit a button and it's delivered to your doorstep!

Not just delivered to your doorstep, the Safeway man carries it into your kitchen!


Flickr photo by: Mailgirl333

Now I know why women used to kiss the milkman!

Flickr photo by: Millie Motts
Here's Hubbie and I doing the

"Happy dance".

Flickr photo by: bzmch

No more grocery stores!

Whoo Hoo!
Now I have more time for this...

flickr photo by: soulnoir


Flickr photo by: fuschia foot

and This....

This is not a paid advertisement, however should Safeway appreciate my endorsement I'll except ice cream. Thank you Misty for sharing.


vivian said...

wow! I dont think there are any safeways around here. Ive never heard of it.. but sounds like an awesome way to shop! love your post!

Marilyn said...

No way! (Way!) Brilliant idea--wish I'd thought of it.
Alas, we don't have a Safeway in our part of the country anymore. It would almost be worth the move though!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

You are SOOOO funny AND to have the music playing about walking to the grocery story....hilarious!
We did that order on line a few times a couple few years back. I think it was Safeway actually....and I must admit it was mighty convenient. I have no idea WHY we only did it a couple of times...maybe it's because i have my own grocery shoppin' delivery man in G! Ha!

Tinsell and Whimsy said...

This just gave me a vision of how frustrated the Steppford Wives would be not to be able to parade around in the grocery store with a cart and a smile. I would miss seeing them too, if I shopped online. Oh, another thought....what if you had the munchies when you ordered late at night and found out when you received your groceries that you only had cookies, candy, and other junk food. It could happen..naw you are too healthy..I love Safeway....I go to Scary Safeway on Jefferson. I must have you be my guest there one time soon. It's where this time of year the bell ringers for Christmas and the panhandlers compete side by side.

Creepy Margaret said...

AND...if you have AAA Insurance or roadside help, you can get $5 off yu delivery fee -- making it only about $5 to get groceries delivered!!!!!