Monday, August 10, 2009

"Artist Paint Pants"

"Please, I'm a visual person. Go change your clothes."

No, I am not speaking to my children. This is what I have to say to my hubbie.

The latest mantra is, "You can only wear paint clothes when you are painting."
"Were you planning on painting in church today?"
"Oh, are you going to paint at the restaurant while we eat?"
Well, no more...


I spotted over at OutsaPop this page in her inspiration book.

And this photo in Alexander McQueen's 2010 resort collection.

These are not even on the market yet.
His unpainted Levi's sell for $795!

So I went looking into the closets of my house.

These are the real deal!

Whooo Hooo

I'm in the money!

With the popularity of this new trend I thought I'd offer a tutorial.
Have at it and if you get stuck write me and we can work out a deal.


inventivesoul said...

To the horror of my amily while I was in HS, I've gone to the market, out to eat and "other" places in pants and shirts like this!

Cool post.
It brings back my own fond memories of being my own walking smock and pallete tester!

Mo'a said...

Now if only it were fashionable to wear mud, grass stained, grease spattered and "is that food?" spattered we call them...I would also become rich.
And oh!!!yes!!! he tries to wear them out to dinner, to my parents house etc. I better not show him this post... ;)

verification word: eyfura LOL

Inspiration for Artists said...

haha ... very cool XD

Gypsy Flea Market said...

Love these! I think all artist should wear their "professional" clothes everywhere ... we always see scrubs and blue uniforms, don't we? These would be WAY better to feast the eye on!


Lorraine said...

Most of my pants have glue and paint stains on them..artists are always ahead of fashion..great pants. The worst is when I have been using yellow inks..I am sure the teachers at my kids school think I am a heavy smoker and they are nicotine stains on my fingers..and I dont smoke!

jmichelle said...

What atrip!!, I remember way back in thedaywhen I woned a fewpairs of white painters overalls.. all the rage at the time and there were two ways to wear them. One was in thier pristene crisp glowy...which I did... and embelished galore. Ofcorse the later was covered in various shades and colours of paint, to a point where one was hard pressed to see the original colour. I cherished these. They went through many changes first the fresh white, to the completly covered in paint, to as cut off shorts, and finally covered with patches and turned into a skirt with the extra fabric added in so that I could wear it as a halter dress. I wish I still had them. This thread reminds me of that time....oh to be young and carefree... thanks.!

mollye said...

These are great. I'd like to just cut the legs off and cut them up for journal covers!

T=ME said...

You Go Girl!!!!!! I love it!

3rdEyeMuse said...

mhmm ... expect to see you rollin in it before the year is out! :)

cindy said...

LOL! Ohmygosh...for once, I'll be right in fashion! :D

yapping cat

Household 6 said...

I just came across your blog last night and had to come back to say this post cracked me up!