Friday, August 21, 2009


Do you know what the definition of

I thought it was a name for a new "ninja" or "jedi", but noooo.

Flickr Photo: Zakka Paca

It's the mad world of these "uber" cute little dolls.

Flickr photo: LR Monkeytoes/Lisa

Oh my, this is something I need to stay far, far away from.

Flickr: Toki. Doki 75

Flickr photo: Teka e Fabi

It is a collection waiting to happen and another collection of anything will not hold up well in my "collectors anonymous" meetings!

Now this might be acceptable.
Momiji is holding a couture challenge to create a fabric doll. This sounds fun. You can see contest rules here.
For even more inspiration check out the flickr Momjij pool


Tumble Fish Studio said...

The Momiji remind me very much of a series of Avon spray perfume bottles my mom used to buy for me when I was very little. I don't have them any longer and haven't tried to find them again, but every time I see Momiji, I think of those perfume characters. Cool post!

mizmollye said...

Oh gosh girl, These little cuties look soooooo addictive! A personal invite to your and your friends and readers to visit my blog and enter my contest Giveaway. Should be fun. xoxo Mollye